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  1. Re: [RESOLVED] Logic Help (Recode Select Case to Function)

    The Mod operator does an integer divide and returns the integer remainder.
    If you subtract the remainder from the original number that will "round down" the original number to a multiple of the...
  2. Re: Logic Help (Recode Select Case to Function)

    You could try a function like this.
    Don't know that it will cover all cases. 12 in the function is the STD_COL_WIDTH value, so you may want to add that Constant. I just wrote this quick and didn't...
  3. Re: Logic Help (Recode Select Case to Function)

    Yes, Arnoutdv didn't see that myFactor is not always a difference of 4 since it covers a difference within a range of 4. Also, it isn't actually a difference of 4 from myFactor, since myFactor is the...
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    Re: Loading music files

    But for an example you don't need to include songs you would prefer to listen to, you just need placeholders, like you did anyway, and they don't have to be large.
    You could just search for a number...
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    VS 2015 Re: Change media player to visible

    Usually when you load a file in the media player, it defaults to autostart playing that file.
    So, it seems like it would be simple to not load the file until you want to play it, i.e. at the end of...
  6. Re: GWBasic code optimization question->

    I don't understand. You said you wrote it in Quick Basic 4.5, but you didn't create an executable to run the game?
    So, you always ran it from the IDE?

    Even if that is the case, it was still...
  7. Re: GWBasic code optimization question->

    You're saying Quick Basic 4.5, which produces a Compiled executable.
    GWBASIC is Interpreted so it is going to be much slower. I would think minimally it would be at 10x slower on most things and...
  8. Re: winmm.dll mciSendString - How to loop from specific song point?

    My mistake. I misread your second post. Rereading, the last part of the first sentence still is a little confusing to me.
    Also, I didn't follow the link and look at the project, so my bad. I think...
  9. Re: winmm.dll mciSendString - How to loop from specific song point?

    You provided a full working example of a media player, but the original poster already said he was using mciSendString to play an mp3 file repeatedly, so I assume he already has the declaration and...
  10. Re: winmm.dll mciSendString - How to loop from specific song point?

    I don't know that you can automate it, but if you know at what point you want to loop back to, you can use "seek media" and "play media" to start at a particular point. If you monitor where you are,...
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    Re: how to move text in rich text box upward

    Phil's code in post #2 should still work.
    After the file is reloaded in the RTB, then set the select start position to the end of the textbox.
    Of course, jj2007 code will also work, you just have...
  12. Thread: Post Race!

    by passel

    Re: Post Race!

    I believe in most cases it would be a sleeve, not a string. And a lot of guitar strings are made from wire, so they would be air without the wire. Can you have nylon wire?
  13. Thread: Post Race!

    by passel

    Re: Post Race!

    We call that an air guitar.
    Having a wireless guitar cord on the other hand would be handy to connect the guitar output to an amplifier without a cable.
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    Re: Virtual Drive Question

    Sounds like you're talking about a Virtual Machine, not a virtual drive.
    A virtual drive would normally be a "drive" that is mounted in the current operating system, so wouldn't have any affect on...
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    Re: Zooming a picture in a picture box

    But you also wanted to zoom and center the image from picGoogle.
    Basically, after playing around a bit, I think what you want to do is load a picture in picGoogle, and have AutoRedraw set, so the...
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    Re: Zooming a picture in a picture box

    p.s. I decided to try to test the below statement, and it doesn't seem to work as I thought it should, so I guess you can ignore me for now. The problem is that PaintPicture uses scalemode of...
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    Re: Zooming a picture in a picture box

    First off, it seems like you got your scale factors reversed.
    You're multiplying by 1.2 to "Enlarge", but if you multiply a scale, so you have more scale, that means you have more picture in the...
  18. Re: Why am I getting this specific VB error message when running my VB codes?

    You're posting a Visual Basic for the .Net framework (aka VB.Net back in the day) question in a legacy Visual Basic (VB6 and earlier, circa 1998 or earlier) forum.
    I've notified a moderator so the...
  19. Re: Programming an editable graphic in VB Forms Application

    I guess some questions would be "The location of the dot...means something", is that only a visual meaning, i.e. the method of positioning the dot and the coordinates used don't matter, as long as...
  20. Thread: VB NET Scaling

    by passel

    Re: VB NET Scaling

    If you use wpf forms instead of winforms, then you can have auto control layouts so the controls scale to fit the space.
    May not be exactly what you want, but you have more options with wpf forms in...
  21. Re: [RESOLVED] Moving an object again, Maybe not an object

    I imagine you didn't increase the size of the picture by an integral amount, i.e. 71 * 1.5 is 106.5 and a picture can't be 106.5 pixels wide. It is either 106 or 107.
    The card images themselves may...
  22. Re: Small Visual Basic: A VB.NET WPF open source project

    Yes, that is it, but its origins is much older than 2 years.
    It started in 2000 and at the time that Microsoft introduced Small Basic around 2010, if you did a search on "small basic" you would get...
  23. Re: Small Visual Basic: A VB.NET WPF open source project

    I was talking about Microsoft Small Basic isn't based on the Small BASIC language. You said yours was, and I said Microsoft's wasn't, which is part of the confusion with Microsoft calling their...
  24. Re: Small Visual Basic: A VB.NET WPF open source project

    Seems like it might add more confusion with yet another "Small Basic" version, e.g. Microsoft Small Basic which is already a simplified, but capable, version of a Basic Interpreter. Of course, it...
  25. Re: How do you work out the difference between two dates.

    Paul's code may work for you. (p.s. I guess not, as Paul assumed as I did that you were subtracting dates, not trying to subtract DateTimePickers).
    My code would need to be updated to use the Value...
  26. Re: How do I Automatically update a text box, using a NumbericUpDown Box

    You have to call the code to update the textbox in the ValueChanged event handler of the NumericUpDown control.
    That means the code to update the textbox should be put in its own method so that it...
  27. Re: How do you work out the difference between two dates.

    There are a number of ways you could do this.
    Perhaps try this (I didn't test it)

    TotalPrice.Text = ("" & 9 * People.Value * (DepartureDate.Subtract(ArrivalDate).Days)
  28. Re: how to zorder vb6 Controls,use SetWindowPos api?

    I almost always want to bring to the front, so I usually just use Control.Zorder without a parameter since that brings it to the front by default.

    But you can use the ZorderConstants Enumeration...
  29. Re: Checkbox - Graphical. Remove Checked Highlight

    You can't change the ForeColor of a Graphical Command Button. Command buttons don't support ForeColor.
  30. Re: Checkbox - Graphical. Remove Checked Highlight

    What is the picturebox method?
    Perhaps you can put a label in the picturebox, and use it to process the inputs and handle the text wrapping.

    Just a quick test, adding a few pictureboxes to the...
  31. VS 2010 Re: Stop Flicker of the windows form in visual basic 2010

    Since you're redefining a region to shape the form, perhaps you need to override the OnPaint event and handle the drawing there, so you can do the painting in one pass. If you do the painting in the...
  32. VS 2019 Re: Friend sending me his .EXE. Tries to install .NET 3.5

    VS 2019 isn't going to change the framework of a project automatically. The project would retain the framework it was configured for. That is why you can use VS2019 on a VS2010 project, and still use...
  33. Re: Moving an object again, Maybe not an object

    I assume it doesn't make sense to you because you are drawing in the picDest pictureboxes. I am not drawing in the picDest pictureboxes, so setting AutoRedraw to True is wasted for the way I do it....
  34. Re: Moving an object again, Maybe not an object

    .picDest(1-13) should never be drawn into, so AutoRedraw shouldn't be set for those, it would be a waste. (same for .picDest(0)).
    If setting .picDest(0) AutoRedraw property to True fixed anything,...
  35. Re: Moving an object again, Maybe not an object

    I'm not sure what you've done at this point.
    The code I gave just uses one picturebox to represent one card. AutoRedraw should be set to true on all the picCards, so the card should never erase....
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    Re: [RESOLVED] VB.Net For Loop Takes So Long

    That is assuming that all three checkboxes are checked, and I assume the sample timestamp would be added in the final loop, at line 11 of the code.
    With three checkboxes selecting which data is...
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    Re: Reading a Text File in Visual Basic 6

    So, you have text files with .zip extensions?
    Normally a .zip file would be a compressed file, and you can't open a compressed file for Input in Visual Basic and read anything meaningful from it.
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    VS 2019 Re: Restarting Image Loop

    May as well make it depended on the length of the list, rather than a hardcoded literal 10.

    Private Sub MainmenuSlideshowTimer_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles...
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    Re: PLACE label on pictiurebox

    A label is a lightweight control, it is not a window.
    The label is drawn on its container.
    If the label is on the form, it can only be drawn on the form.
    If you want the label to be seen "over" a...
  40. Re: Moving an object again, Maybe not an object

    There was no sqr function because it was only checking one dimension, i.e. X. So the Distance in pixels is simply the difference between two X values.
    When you go to two dimensions (X,Y) then the...
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