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    VS 2019 Re: Protecting files from theft

    For proper protection consider purchasing this which many companies do. A random suggestion and if you search the web you will find others. Bottom line, a software developer should focus on coding...
  2. appsettings.json for Windows Forms

    In the .NET Framework prior to .NET Core application settings were in app.config file. All settings e.g. database connection, email setting etc in one file along with each setting are strings which...
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    Re: open excel and add values to cells

    An alternative is to use a free library which is not version specific as with Excel automation. In this case SpreadSheetLight where the majority of samples are in C# but I have a code sample to try....
  4. VS 2019 Re: .NET 5 - no listview scrollbars on deployed version

    Have you checked the versioning of the OS?
  5. VS 2019 Re: Forms, Data sources and not running on the UI

    Here is a simple asynchronous method to load a DataTable from SQL-Server, no frill. Make sure to read the file.
  6. Re: Run form with responsive control with no async functions

    If you happen to be using VS2019 I have a code sample that shows how to keep an application responsive.

    There are two projects, a class project and a forms project on GitHub.

    The objective for...
  7. Re: What's teh use of canceling an async token if the function has already run?

    Have you considered using a timeout for the task? The following code default timeout is 3.5 seconds.

    Public Class AddressDetail
    Public Property Host() As String
    Public Property...
  8. VS 2019 Re: Trouble populating then updating a text box


    Totally agree with jmcilhinney in regards to thinking through the task by not coding, instead open a document (like Microsoft Word) and writing out requirements. Now write out pseudocode...
  9. VB.NET Core projects/Entity Framework Core

    Entity Framework is not for everyone while it seems that for reverse engineering an existing database VB.NET takes a backseat to C# where there are Visual Studio extensions (like EF Power Tools) and...
  10. Re: How to load DataGridView content everytime the app is run?


    Without seeing what you have coded so far we can't assist you as there are many ways you may have coded this task. More details and a sample of code goes along way.
  11. Visual Basic WinForms Apps in .NET 5 and Visual Studio 16.8

    Visual Basic, along with its Application Framework, is supported in .NET 5 and Visual Studio 16.8! Visual Studio 16.8 includes the Windows Forms Designer, so Visual Basic is ready for you to migrate...
  12. C#9 pattern matching/recursive patterns and new expression operator

    Microsoft usually provides decent code samples when it comes to new language features although sometimes the code samples provided are not relevant to real world usage. For this reason i have started...
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    VS 2019 Re: Json Deserialize to List of Class

    Try the following

    Imports System.IO
    ' NuGet package below
    Imports System.Text.Json

    Public Class Form1
  14. Re: Adding combobox to a datagridview that is bond to a datatable

    These forums are not about payable services but instead to assist developer. The code I suggested for a non programmer is a challenge but that is what developers do, work through task and many times...
  15. Re: Adding combobox to a datagridview that is bond to a datatable

    See the following.

  16. Re: [RESOLVED] How to selected value of a dropbox column of a DataGridView programmat

    Although you have a solution, a better way is shown in the following code sample which takes more code yet is a better solution and only touches the DataGridView with DefaultValuesNeeded event.
  17. Re: How to prevent CancellationToken from being cancelled during downloadstring

    First off, here the class where the class is created here.

    If you remove

    If _cts.IsCancellationRequested = True Then
    _cts = New CancellationTokenSource()
    End If
  18. Re: How to prevent CancellationToken from being cancelled during downloadstring


    This happens because ThrowIfCancellationRequested throws an exception which you are not checking for which can be done by wrapping the caller code in a try/catch.

    Check out the...
  19. VB .NET Working with Delegate and Events

    Blog entry with code samples in a personal GitHub repository.

    From hobbyist to seasoned developers delegates are avoided or attempts are made to understand them, which in many cases is met with...
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    Re: Basic asynchronous operations

    I code in ASP.NET Core/Entity Framework Core and WPF/Entity Framework Core applications, doubt that Visual Basic classic can even come close to matching what can be done with ASP.NET Core/Entity...
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    Re: Basic asynchronous operations

    Never, ever touched VB6 and never will.

    The code samples are not to impress but for learning.
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    Basic asynchronous operations

    Developers, novice and hobbyist can avoid performance bottlenecks and enhance the overall responsiveness of your application by using asynchronous programming. Asynchrony is essential for activities...
  23. Re: [] How to use a progress bar while downloading through HttpClient

    Simply declarate the method StarDownLoad with async and the Task needs await. Here is a simple example, does no downloading. The form remains responsive.

    Two buttons, one ProgressBar.

  24. Re: MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) Example ?

    Enter this into a Google search with quotes "wpf mvvm github example" as there are plenty over on GitHub.
  25. Re: Problem in class defination

    All you need is the following

    Public Class RectArea
    Public ReadOnly Property Area() As Double
    Return Length * Width
    End get
    End Property
  26. Re: Determine Target CPU | Microsoft Access OleDB

    The following should work

    Select Case RuntimeInformation.ProcessArchitecture
    Case Architecture.X64
    Case Architecture.X86
    Case Else
  27. VS 2017 Re: Error trying to connect Entiry Framework in code using EntityConnectionStringBuil

    The following focuses on getting a Entity Framework connection string from app.config, note you can't change it only get it while Entity Framework code first we have compete control over the...
  28. Re: Mistake with DGV Operator '' is not defined for type 'DBNull' and string

    Here is a simple example for IsDbNull

    Dim query = DataGridView1.Rows.OfType(Of DataGridViewRow)().
    Where(Function(row) Not row.IsNewRow).
    Return New With {...
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    Microsoft NorthWind 2020

    If you need a decent database model to learn SQL which is not too complex check out the following link for a modified version of Microsoft NorthWind database. Included are several SQL SELECT...
  30. Custom Window Forms dialog for VB.NET

    The following GitHub repository shows how to use Windows-API-Code-Pack 1.1 as all code samples on the web are in C#. Also there are several tricks not easily learned within the code samples.

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    Re: export datagrid to csv

    If you want to export all columns excluding the check column see the following.

    This will not handle partial column...
  32. VS 2019 Re: VB.NET SQL Syntax Error


    Install SSMS (SQL-Server Management Studio), it's free. Create a database followed by tables then for relationships right click on Database Diagrams and setup the relations. To get the SQL...
  33. VS 2010 Re: How to check duplicate records before inserting from one database to another ?

    An alternative is to use constraints that when a duplicate is inserted a known exception is thrown.

    Dim dt = New DataTable()
    dt.Columns.Add(New DataColumn() With {
  34. VS 2017 Re: [HELP PLEASE] datagridview add rank number column then my data (pictures or text)

    The following provides rank the sort and note as is will not permit sorting in the DataGridView but replace the list with a DataTable it will be sortable in the DataGridView but if you want the rank...
  35. VS 2017 Re: How To Send SMTP Email (Not Gmail)

    Try the following with Visual Studio "Output" window open.

    Sub SendAsync()
    'create the mail message
    Dim mail As New...
  36. Asynchronous operations with VB.NET

    I'm writing code samples in a GitHub repository for basic, intermediate to advance asynchronous operations for VB.NET as most code samples on the web are for C# and would like to see what VB.NET...
  37. Re: List all procedures, functions, subs, etc.

    In regards to documenting code you can look at Sandcastle which produces documentation from you XML documentation.
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    Re: Practical Knowledge

    Several items to consider

    I agree with understanding design pattern then when it's appropriate to use a specific pattern.
    Have a solid understanding on local and remote debugging coupled with...
  39. VS 2015 Re: Datagridview - 3 days of banging head against a wall

    Have you looked at DataTable events? Or working with a BindingSource and subscribe to ListChanged event?
  40. VS 2010 Re: option strict disallows late binding

    Hello George,

    What is sender in this case? For example

    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

    CType(sender, Button).BackColor =...
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