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    Re: Remove the title bar from a Form

    You're fighting standard styling. The thin area at the top is there so the user can move the form. It's put there by the OS in vista and above. You should have realized this when running your app...
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    Re: My screen shakes so heavily. Please help

    well, i would still try the monitor on a different computer. It's *possible* that your refresh rate got screwed up somehow. That definitely sounds like an issue with vertical sync. Plus, if your...
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    VS 2013 Re: How to Compare 9 Digits

    I did just recently come across an issue where i had to convert an integer array into a list because .contains wouldn't work in a linq query with it. Good info. I would have said something similar...
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    Re: Problem with USB keyboard

    having the benefit of knowing what the hell i'm talking about, i can tell you it's not a mac problem. The hub is the problem. It has its own controller chip in it and circuitry. There is something...
  5. Re: Is it possible to stuff an Ajax text search with characters from a link?

    I'm not totally sure i understand what you're asking, but an ajax query in "get" mode is functionally identical to a query string on the end of a url, and is passed that way.
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    Re: Windows 8.1 Question

    the registry actually got its start in windows 3.1 It's possible in later versions of windows to put a policy in place to stop a user from editing the registry, if you're having problems accessing...
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    Re: Re-Install VS2019

    In theory you shouldn't have to even do this. It would be helpful to know exactly what kinds of problems you are having, but VS is designed in such a way that new versions are able to be installed...
  8. Re: who buy amd 3990x for Program Development

    is that 50,000 yuan? There are other factors to consider as well. Since that's a server processor, it requires a server motherboard.

    anyway if you are actually developing in vb6, how...
  9. Re: who buy amd 3990x for Program Development

    it may be "easy" but it's not stable. vb6 container is single-threaded. as a side note, i misread the title. I thought it was a 3950x. A 3990 x is a threadripper and that's a server processor.
  10. Re: who buy amd 3990x for Program Development

    You don't think there's anything wrong with your systems for two reasons: 1. You are evidently coding for vb6 based on your post, and 2. You must not have ever used anything else.
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    Re: Foreign keys

    If you script a table with foreign keys on it, you will see that there are constraints also scripted for the foreign key columns. It will check the other table to see if it can be deleted. It will...
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    Re: Sql Server copying table

    since you are using sql server, why don't you script your existing table as "create" and then just rename the table in the script? Your new table would then have all of the constraints your current...
  13. Re: Transferring programs/files to new Windows 10 machine

    Since it's never a good idea to give or sell a computer with your drive in it, you could take that drive and make it the boot drive for your new computer. You could also clone it and, assuming the...
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    Re: Impeachment

    All i have to say is this: We impeached Clinton for Obstruction of Justice. Now we are impeaching Trump for Obstruction of Justice. THAT is a Quid Pro Quo.
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    Re: Microsoft warning

    if it was a legitimate email, clicking the link would not ask you to sign in again. It would be an expiring login link.
  16. Re: Why do I set a static IP in my computer without network ?

    just clarifying: The static address you selected falls between and
  17. Re: microSD card error message about how the disk is write protected fixes ?

    When a micro-sd card detects that it is reaching the end of its read/write cycles, it locks itself to read-only. This is not just a micro-sd card feature. I have a 64gb memory stick permanently a...
  18. Re: Allocating more memory in notepad

    I'm surprised notepad even has a regedit entry. It's not designed for anything fancy. It's supposed to be a fast-opening plain-text viewer. Use notepad++
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    Re: convert/migrate vb6 project in C#

    Why not? the .Net languages were literally (it's in the name) designed to be used for net-aware applications and websites. C# mvc is amazing.
  20. Re: [RESOLVED] how to make main thread wait for all threads before continuing?

    we've known that since Jul 13th, 2011, 06:04 PM. There's another option available that could be used. The Parallel.For and Parallel.ForEach do all the threading for you. You'll still have ui issue...
  21. Re: Why am I getting out of range for array?

    not sure if anyone mentioned it but the reason you got a -1 is that the character wasn't found. -1 is an error result.
  22. VS 2019 Re: Populate asp net mvc dropdownlist from a table in an existing model

    you are setting your viewbag to currdescription1 but the control is looking for description1. That may be the only issue.
  23. Re: What is the purpose of the base "object" class?

    my only comment here is you actually CAN cast to a higher-type variable. You could cast an int into a decimal for example, but no other variable types can contain a decimal type as it has the most...
  24. Re: Allocating more memory in notepad

    there are differences in the versions of notepad, purposefully hardcoded in there, and related to how notepad handles memory. Windows 7 notepad is only designed to handle files up to about 58 mb in...
  25. Re: [RESOLVED] PopUp (???) Window -- Firefox -- Windows7 Pro

    legitimate sites won't have them. Most sites that do are video hosts for piracy, and the programmers are good enough nowadays that they can either ignore the adblock or in the case of legit sites,...
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    Re: SQL Indexing out of sync possibly?

    I would like to see your code, but is it possible you think "there are 816 records so the last one is at index 816"? You need to count 0 so your last record would be 815. I don't think that's your...
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    Re: android on windows

    bluestacks works the most flawlessly in my experience, for general use. The only better method is android in a VM and those exist pre-packaged.
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    Re: how save a pen drive?

    I consider this a bug in windows. I have the same problem. I formattted a iso image onto a flash drive, and i can not remove it. It's now permanently a boot disk.
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    Re: How to STOP program when catch an error?

    since you are coming from vba maybe it would help you for me to tell you why your original code was throwing two popups. The way the try-catch works is that you are telling the compiler you will be...
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    Re: How to STOP program when catch an error?

    since you are coming from vba maybe it would help you for me to tell you why your original code was throwing two popups. The way the try-catch works is that you are telling the compiler you will be...
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    VS 2015 Re: Render Word Document

    we use syncfusion docio for this. It's incredibly easy to use. I was able to go from no knowledge at all to rendering word documents to pdf files and then importing other pdfs into them. It's...
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    Re: my war with xamarin (visual studio C#)

    i'm not sure what the solution is in xamarin, but android has containers you store pages in and they aren't destroyed when flipping between them unless you explicitly destroy the old one. It's how...
  33. Re: when i login: why i get these warnings messages?

    mine didn't, and i've been getting them much longer than july, although it looks like there are more of them now. And the login button has been offcenter for years.
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    Re: i have 2 software questions

    there may be "BOTH" one in game and one in windows. I don't know about intel, but AMD and Nvidia both have "override" buttons in their settings that can render the in-game slider useless. Is it...
  35. Re: Usercontrol default Gotfocus and Lostfocus behaviour

    it shouldn't be too hard. As long as you have your actual event working, you can reference the parent container of the button mycontrol.parent and then set the property that way.
  36. Re: Still quite new to c# having problem calling a function in a dll

    if you have a function that you are having problems with the parameters, there are plenty of built-in ways in visual studio to help you. Click on the offending function and press your F12 button and...
  37. Re: Project Complete how can convert .exe file and run all windows

    i've seen windows ce... in a milling machine but that's pretty much it. It's as defunct as defunct can be and was replaced with xp embedded. 3.1 was barely functional as an OS to start with, not...
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    Re: whether boolean has a symbol ?

    they aren't going anywhere. They can be used on literals. It's one of the few ways to ensure you don't get a cast error when trying to assign 1 to a decimal. They also serve the purpose of letting...
  39. Re: Change the Button Text of a custom menu

    I looked at your project. I am not sure why you said you were creating the buttons at run-time, unless you don't understand how the code-behind works. You seem to actually be moving them. Anyway,...
  40. Re: Is there a wifi powerstrip someone knows of that I can use to make a vb program w

    ask me anything about this subject. I have five smart hubs in my house and have also done projects in arduino. If you are specifically looking for pc control, you can get wifi tplink plugs and go...
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