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    VS 2010 Re: syntax needed

    You are thinking of With/End With:

    With WindowsApplication1.My.Resources
    y = .BUG_STRAIGHT_green
    End With
  2. Re: Error 91 VBscript parsing html text to excel

    Unfortunately there are lots of variations of VB, and the naming is definitely not obvious.

    VBScript is .vbs files (mainly for web based things), VB6 is an independent program (which can be used...
  3. Re: Any better method to incorporate particular Range from Excel Sheet to ListView

    Things like the version of Office etc don't matter (because this is a separate thing for programs to use), what matters is whether your program is 32-bit or not.

    Unfortunately it isn't just your...
  4. Re: Any better method to incorporate particular Range from Excel Sheet to ListView

    It seems that you need to install the ACE provider, you can find it here:

    There are two versions, the x64 is for 64 bit apps, and...
  5. Re: [RESOLVED] trying to replace a symbol dosnt work why?

    Thread moved to the 'Database Development' forum
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    It will probably take a few days for the full answer to come, but Pirelli think it was due to debris - after Max crashed they saw from other cars (including Lewis) that there were serious cuts in...
  7. Re: Dictionary (GetValueOrNull) Error

    Thread moved from the 'CodeBank VB.Net' forum (which is for you to post working code examples, not questions) to the 'VB.Net' forum
  8. Thread: MVP Award

    by si_the_geek

    Re: MVP Award

    I personally haven't used sites with that kind of system, so don't know how it compares with our reputation system.

    As I mentioned earlier, our reputation system isn't perfect, but it does mean...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    That could be fun, except for those times when somebody has a car with issues, or there is bad weather - we could easily have races that last a few hours longer!

    It would also be really confusing...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    It is a fantastic track for testing driver skill, but not so great at allowing overtaking. It would be nice if there was a sensible way to create opportunities (like making some of the corners...
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    VS 2012 Re: Help with Registry at startup

    Values stored within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE affect all users, so your program requires Admin permissions to set them.

    If you use the CURRENT USER hive instead, that should get rid of the error.
  12. Thread: Sticky FAQ

    by si_the_geek

    Re: Sticky FAQ

    Yes, any super-moderator can help with that.

    If you want to add a new post, create it somewhere else (such as the Forum Test Area) and ask one of us to Move (or Copy) it to the thread you want it...
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    Re: Internet speed

    It depends on what you are doing.

    I personally haven't noticed a difference since my speed went above 20 Mbps, but then I don't do much in terms of "heavy" internet use (general browsing, or...
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    Re: tutorial links

    You don't need to contact Microsoft (or the author of a tutorial, etc) to ask questions, you can ask those questions on this site.
  15. VS 2019 Re: remove Listview column sortorder

    Try this:

    m_SortingColumn.Text = m_SortingColumn.Text.SubString(2)
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    Re: Introducing MixLangz a Visual IDE

    I have deleted several off-topic posts.

    xiaoyao, when you reply to a thread only post things that are related to the thread (this one is about MixLangz, so don't post replies that are just about...
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    VS 2019 Re: error sql query too complex

    What is in the variable sql when it happens?

    What database system are you running this against?
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    It does sound a bit odd, but I'm sure with enough checking of prior evidence it would make sense.
  19. VS 2019 Re: [RESOLVED] Insert records in Ms Access Database sql error

    Using Parameters helps avoid many problems, including the kind of thing you experienced here, data type issues, security issues, and more.

    For further explanation, see the article Why should I use...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    That was a fun race, it was good to see my mate Lando do so well :)

    They were for different reasons... Vettel had a brake problem before the race, so the tyres weren't on the car when they should...
  21. VS 2019 Re: [RESOLVED] Tell Form1 that Form2 is closed

    Instead of showing Form2 using the .Show method, use the .ShowDialog method, as that will cause the code in Form1 to pause while Form2 is visible (you can put the code to update the listview just...
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    Re: TEXTING Question

    It would depend on the software at the other end, which presumably varies.

    Good software wouldn't care about caps (as some users wont get it right, which could cause complaints), but it is...
  23. VS 2019 Re: Using hoot to create indexes of documents in a folder

    The message "too many arguments" means that you are passing too many values to the method (ie: you have more items inside the brackets than you are allowed).

    In this case you have only one item...
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    Re: Button2 not referenced !

    You can't reference controls before they are created, and the declarations section actually runs before the controls are created.

    Set the value of yb in the Load event instead.
  25. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    What you are describing there sounds like it might be what is often called "shrink-flation" (less product for the same price), but it might also just be that they altered the packaging to make it...
  26. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    While there is certainly truth in that, the idea of vaccinating people as soon as possible (and therefore not all of them at once) means that you are basically removing some of that flaming trash.
  27. VS 2012 Re: Giving values to a series of user control internal controls

    What you were using in VB 6 was Control Arrays, but they don't exist in the same way in VB.Net (there are several variations that give you more options).

    For this kind of thing you can simply...
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    Re: Error in IF statement

    When mixing And/AndAlso with Or/OrElse, use brackets where appropriate to indicate how they should be grouped (this ensures the behaviour you want, and helps readability).

    Your If statement could...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    It was a shame Max couldn't keep it on track at the critical moment, but it was great to see close competition at the front.

    I also liked the fact that my team McLaren did well, and should be...
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    Re: Sorting Array

    You certainly aren't the first to make that mistake - the naming of variations is all a bit confusing!

    I have now moved this thread to the 'Office Development/VBA' forum.
  31. Re: Webview2 Download Not Firing

    Done :)
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    Re: What are Google Sitelinks ?

    Thread moved to the 'General Developer' forum.
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    Re: Sorting Array

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    I have moved this thread from the 'VBScript' forum (for .vbs files etc) to the 'VB.Net' (VB2002 and later) forum
  34. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    I agree, nearly all countries did noticeably better than the US and UK.

    Despite the WHO making a very big deal of testing, we didn't have the testing system to make it work... and didn't get that...
  35. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    In several countries (including the UK and US) masks would have been in very short supply if they had been advised from the start.

    Here the NHS couldn't get enough equipment, and needed...
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    Re: Text from dll

    In that case it doesn't sound like a DLL is an appropriate solution.

    Changing a DLL is almost identical to changing the main program, and this extra work to link the two is just adding extra...
  37. Re: C: \ WINDOWS \ SETUP.LST invalid line in setup information

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Thread moved to the 'Application Deployment' forum, which is where questions about installing/distributing your software belong
  38. Re: Why does my .exe file not work on another computer ?

    You can't change a project between .Net Core and .Net Framework - if you pick the wrong one, you need to create a new project using the right one.

    Be wary of the project type you create, one that...
  39. Re: Possible to create a custom control made from several controls?

    What you want is a User Control, which you can add via the Project menu.

    You can position controls (and write code) as if it is a form, and then when you Build the project it will be added to the...
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    Re: Why can't I post?

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    Go to the home page of our site:

    ..then pick the forum that is most appropriate for your question, and click on it.

    When the...
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