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    Re: Some thoughts on VB6 forum

    You have threads where you don't follow that credo.
  2. Re: [RESOLVED] VB6: Question - Databases, where do I start?

  3. VS 2015 Re: visible = false does not work

    Well, it doesn't get much simpler than setting a control's visible property to False, so the possibilities I can think of:

    - You have code somewhere else that is getting executed that is setting...
  4. Re: [RESOLVED] VB6: Question - Databases, where do I start?

    I'm entering the fray just to point this out:

    Otherwise I agree with you. The merits of writing VB6 code in 2021 and beyond has been beaten to death here a multitude of times over. Some...
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    Re: Go for the Olympics

    I'm not rooting for or against any person, team, or country. I just want to see top performances, regardless of the flag sewn to their uniform. And I know I'm not alone.

    For example, USA...
  6. VS 2019 Re: Access DB and Timer not running tasks when its time - Conversion from string too

    It all seems to be keying off of data from your database, which obviously none of us have access to to see if things look "proper".

    Debugging - ok, you think it should do x, it is doing y. At...
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    VS 2010 Re: endofstream

    You don't have endofstream because System.IO.StringReader doesn't have endoftstream.

    Presumably the tutorial is expecting you to use a System.IO.StreamReader. The answer to most subsequent...
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    Re: change vb6 splash screen user

    Amazing, sorry for doubting you.
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    Re: change vb6 splash screen user

    Seems like that isn't the case as far as I can tell, but I might be doing it wrong. Can you offer any documentation/proof? That information doesn't appear to be in my vb6.exe.

    Edit to add:

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    Re: Getting Internet IP Address

    Not sure how likely this scenario is, but this would definitely do it:

    ---Have your own local DNS server
    ---Create a static DNS entry specifically for the domain name of...
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    Re: VB6 Won't Update mdb database

    I hope you have a good rhinologist.

    It seems unlikely to me that Access is the culprit. I don't believe you've ever addressed the questions about any error handling in your code, specifically...
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    Re: change vb6 splash screen user

    Appears to be stored here:

    Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\6.0\SplashInfo
    Value: SplashInfo

    Good luck.

    Edit: Note that this value is not a simple string value,...
  13. VS 2015 Re: working with multiple worksheets in an EXCEL workbook at one time

    Ok, so make a string array containing the names of all of the sheets and then use a for loop to loop through the array and set the appropriate formatting.

    That's all the help I'm willing to offer....
  14. VS 2015 Re: working with multiple worksheets in an EXCEL workbook at one time

    For i = 1 to 5
    wrkbk.Sheets("Sheet" & i).Font.Bold = True
    'other formatting done similarly
    Next i
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    Re: Broadcast an Array N times

    Is the other array a 1d array with 100 elements? Or a 2d 10x10 array?

    '1d pcode
    for i = 1 to 100
    otherArray(i) = dz(i mod 10)
    next i
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    The second Lewis took the checkered flag I had to turn it off. So disappointing for Red Bull. I guess the silver lining is that both the driver's and constructor's championship battles just got...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    Let's see if "Sir" Hamilton avoids a (clearcut) penalty on his home track. They better not just "note" that move, he totally dumped Max while having plenty of room to his right to have avoided it.
  18. VS 2019 Re: Need help deleting a record

    Remove the "*" from the Delete statement. Should just be "DELETE FROM ..."
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    Sergio Perez will be very disappointed to hear that.
  20. Re: Help with basic formula from Excel to VB 6

    Someone* already asked this exact question recently and it was covered in detail:

    *and it was you.
  21. Thread: Picture

    by OptionBase1

    Re: Picture

    I will note that you can manually store the path in the "Tag" property of the picturebox and then reference that tag property in code to get the path to the file.
  22. Thread: Picture

    by OptionBase1

    Re: Picture

    As far as I know,the path to the image is not retained anywhere, the image is directly imported into the form and stored in the form's frx file.

    Short answer: You can't.
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    Re: Leveling Ground

    Sometimes I like to stop and think about what our (great)^n grandparents (where the value of n takes us back 300 years or so) would think about us today.

    I imagine they would be in absolute awe of...
  24. Re: Calculator written in VB gives wrong numbers

    Post your code.

    Without seeing code, my best guess is:

    - A mixture of converting numbers to strings and then back to numbers


    - Different regional settings ("," and "." being the...
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    Re: Send Email

    Maybe take a step or two back. Is Outlook mail actually configured properly to send and/or receive email? If you take your VB 6 code completely out of the picture, and just attempt to send an email...
  26. Re: Installing the VB6 IDE on Windows 10 - 64 bit.

    Vs6sp6B.exe is available on the Wayback machine:

  27. Re: Getting the ball rolling. Which VB6 projects are you working on?

    Reading that made me think of the Napoleon Dynamite quote:

    "It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip."

    Looks good.
  28. VS 2012 Re: Bitmap.Save - how do I overcome an InteropServices.ExternalException error?

    Is this something as simple as you aren't running your .exe file with elevated privileges and therefore the attempt to store the file on your desktop is failing because of that?

    Right-click the...
  29. Re: Form Saved as PDF in another folder

    Presumably, when saying "saves forms automatically", the OP is referring to the saving of a form's relevant contents as addressed in this other recent thread (using code from post #9 I would guess):...
  30. Re: Point rotation with reference to zero?

    The fact that all of these arrays of points are local variables inside of this method you posted is a bit disconcerting.

    I don't know the specifics of what exactly this line of code is doing, but...
  31. Re: What version without Teams, Git and all those things?

    Trolling? The OP asked about VB.NET.

    mammut, I'm not sure what the answer is, but here are some direct URLs to older versions of Visual Studio that might be hard to track down these days:
  32. Re: Help me i'm drowning in my source code, hey dudes

    If it works then it must be right, right?
  33. Re: Point rotation with reference to zero?

    I mean, speaking in generalities, if you don't want to modify the original values, then make sure your code doesn't modify the original values, right?

    If you still are using the code from post #3,...
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    Re: Send Email

    One other thing to check, make sure that you have your GMail account set up so that access using "Less Secure Apps" is enabled. If you don't do that, then any attempt to send email via GMail using...
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    Re: Array problems

    Remember, people that help others on this site are doing this for free, spending their own time that they could be using to do other things.

    For me, and I'm assuming others on this site as well,...
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    Re: control troubles

    I might be wrong but I'm fairly certain that mentioning the names of commercial controls that you are working with isn't prohibited here, so if you were to do that you may get some direct feedback.
  37. Re: Point rotation with reference to zero?

    Right, you are doing a convoluted version of my first example, whereby the point object that you are doing things with has been overwritten by the rotated version.

    So do the suggestion I made at...
  38. Re: Point rotation with reference to zero?

    You seem to have left out the critical piece of the puzzle, which is how this function is called.

    If you are doing something like this pseudocode:

    'p is the POINTF to be rotated...
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    Re: Verstappen 1x World Champion ?

    Great day for Max.

    Thought all of the "passing" related penalties were a bit much. Once they penalized the first one, though, I can't blame them for penalizing all the others since they were all...
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    Re: Payroll System Help

    Your "range" If statements are all wrong.

    The format of an If statement that has two conditions that must both be true is:

    If Condition1 AndAlso Condition2 Then

    So, if I generated a...
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