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    Re: Broadcast an Array N times

    That is why it is usually more useful to use arrays that start at 0 rather than 1, if you need to use Mod and other operations that will return 0.

    But, to turn a 0 based index into 1 based index...
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    Re: Broadcast an Array N times

    Of course, that code is assuming that the destination array is pre-dimensioned to the size (or more) that you need.
  3. Re: Point rotation with reference to zero?

    I don't see where you've declared the original path or set it up, but basically just store the original points at the same scope and modify your code you showed in post #3 to reference those original...
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    Re: Mouse move event too slow

    I think that if the GUI thread is not busy, you will get mousemove events at a rate of 128hz.
    If the GUI thread gets busy, then mousemove events will be less frequent, so you'll get larger jumps in...
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    Re: Rounding of binary fraction strings

    But that example is obvious, and not related to rule 3.
    When you round to five places, the fractional value after the fifth place is less that .5 so you round down.
    When you round to four places,...
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    Re: Rounding of binary fraction strings

    I'm not sure if I understood your third rule correctly, and didn't look at the code to try to figure it out, but you may be correct.
    Essentially you want to divide the number conceptually at the...
  7. Re: Point rotation with reference to zero?

    You can do as OptionBase1 says, and add a delta (the delta can be positive or negative, so you're technically adding or subtracting a small angle to the current angle), but I prefer to keep the...
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    Re: Drawing on the screen

    The big difference between Windows 7 and Windows 10, is that Windows 10's desktop is composited, which means that the desktop image is a composite of the images from all the programs running on it.
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    Re: The fastest StringRepeat algorithm

    In VB6 you don't want to concatenate to a string to build a string if at all possible as that can be quite slow.
    So, as a minimum, you would create the string to be the correct size, and then fill...
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    Re: ReadTimeout not Working?

    Welcome to the forum. Before replying to a thread, check the date of the last response. If it is more than a few months old, generally there is no reason to reply. In this case, where the last post...
  11. Re: Visual Basic 4.0 (FACE RECOGNITION) for Windows 3.11

    Why ask "why VB4"?
    It was stated at the beginning and is in the title of the thread that the OS being targeted is Windows 3.11.
    VB4 was the last version of VB that would run on Windows 3.11. VB5...
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    Re: Microphone Output hears the music i play

    I think what he wants is similar to a situation I had early in the "working from home because of covid 19" online meetings.
    Earlier in the day I had been listening to some music in the background on...
  13. Re: listboxta seçilen klasörün içindeki klasörü belirli bir dizine kopyalama

    This is an English Language Forum. You need to translate your language into English and post, and translate responses back to your language outside the forum.

    Copy the folder inside the...
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    Re: Move to line

    By the way, Seek is both a Sub and a Function.
    If you open a file and then do something like

    ptr = Seek(F)

    The ptr will be equal to 1.
    After you do a "Line Input #F, Text", per dilettante's...
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    Re: Single Room Air Conditioner

    {p.s. I see this is what jdc2000 was suggesting...}

    You could also get a portable air conditioner. It will have wheels so you can wheel it to where you need it, and it has an exhaust hose that...
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    Re: Cell Phone Recommendations

    It seems the biggest cost are the plans. That will be the largest expense over the years.
    I used to use just a flip type phone I bought many years ago, it was a Motorola, and it was bought as part...
  17. Re: Capture X & Y coordinates in an array and pass to a public sub for reuse

    In regards with your original question, the error message says it all.

    You've declared an array with two dimensions;

    Dim xypos(,) As Decimal

    And are passing it to a Sub and treating it as if...
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    Re: Issues with Basic Test Program

    I would assume that any line that has "Then" followed by code on the same line, that code needs to be moved to a new line.
    VB6 supports "If Then End If" Blocks, and it supports In-line "If Then"...
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    VS 2010 Re: Character insertion process is very slow

    What you're doing sounds rather odd, but regardless, if you want to speed up the string processing then you should use an object that is made for faster string processing i.e. a string builder and...
  20. Re: Why does this not draw an image ?

    You could draw it in the Paint event, or if you're not going to change it once the form is displayed, you could assign it to the background image of the form.

    Imports System.Drawing.Imaging...
  21. Thread: TwinBasic

    by passel

    Re: TwinBasic & RADBasic

    Unless you've disabled it, the default option is to automatically be subscribed to any thread you've posted in, which is what I think wqweto was referring to in his p.s.
    He didn't ask "how" to get...
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    Re: Compile error variable not found

    Well that at least sounds good in that you must have Option Explicit turned on so you have to declare all your variables, and the error is telling you that at some line of code you are referring to a...
  23. Re: how to extract first values from array in

    Val is a very old BASIC function and is hard coded to work on a string that uses "." for the decimal point, so it won't work on strings that use "," for a decimal point. It will just convert the...
  24. Re: How to handle two or more sub routines at a time

    Since each sensor case stops the blinking of the previous case, it seems like you really want these to occur in a series one after the other. The next one shouldn't start until the previous one is...
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    Re: Separate data coming from Serial Port

    If you're using println on the Arduino to print each value, then you should be able to use readline on the VB6 side to read each value separately from the serial port.
    What you do with each separate...
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    VS 2010 Re: Form2 is opened repeatedly

    Post #3 and Post #5?

    What is the purpose of comparing hWnd to 1? The chances of it being 1 is probably several billion to one.
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    Re: What's wrong with this oop program.

    Note that I've updated my post, and also added a p.s.
    What I suggested may not work the way I expected in VB6. I've done minimal work writing classes in VB6. You can ignore what I've said, unless...
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    Re: What's wrong with this oop program.

    In my case, I expect it to compare set a and set b. The function compares its own set with the set passed in, and returns a new set.

    So, I'm saying thirdSet = firstSet.unionWith(secondSet).

  29. Re: How to handle two or more sub routines at a time

    In the previous case, you set BlinkFSG = True, and then you set it to False.
    In this code, you don't set it to False.
    So in the previous code when the timer fires, BlinkFSG will be False and not...
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    Re: What's wrong with this oop program.

    I'm thinking I would declare the Union Function like this.

    Public Function union(Set_In As CIntegerSet) As CIntegerSet
    'I'll let you figure out what the code in the function should be.
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    VS 2015 Re: Dock panel above menustrip

    Why not place the menustrip in another panel, then stack the panels in the order you want?
  32. Thread: Post Race!

    by passel

    Re: Post Race!

    Where's my Quantum Crayfish T-shirt?
  33. Re: [RESOLVED] Logic Help (Recode Select Case to Function)

    The Mod operator does an integer divide and returns the integer remainder.
    If you subtract the remainder from the original number that will "round down" the original number to a multiple of the...
  34. Re: Logic Help (Recode Select Case to Function)

    You could try a function like this.
    Don't know that it will cover all cases. 12 in the function is the STD_COL_WIDTH value, so you may want to add that Constant. I just wrote this quick and didn't...
  35. Re: Logic Help (Recode Select Case to Function)

    Yes, Arnoutdv didn't see that myFactor is not always a difference of 4 since it covers a difference within a range of 4. Also, it isn't actually a difference of 4 from myFactor, since myFactor is the...
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    Re: Loading music files

    But for an example you don't need to include songs you would prefer to listen to, you just need placeholders, like you did anyway, and they don't have to be large.
    You could just search for a number...
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    VS 2015 Re: Change media player to visible

    Usually when you load a file in the media player, it defaults to autostart playing that file.
    So, it seems like it would be simple to not load the file until you want to play it, i.e. at the end of...
  38. Re: GWBasic code optimization question->

    I don't understand. You said you wrote it in Quick Basic 4.5, but you didn't create an executable to run the game?
    So, you always ran it from the IDE?

    Even if that is the case, it was still...
  39. Re: GWBasic code optimization question->

    You're saying Quick Basic 4.5, which produces a Compiled executable.
    GWBASIC is Interpreted so it is going to be much slower. I would think minimally it would be at 10x slower on most things and...
  40. Re: winmm.dll mciSendString - How to loop from specific song point?

    My mistake. I misread your second post. Rereading, the last part of the first sentence still is a little confusing to me.
    Also, I didn't follow the link and look at the project, so my bad. I think...
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