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  1. Re: C: \ WINDOWS \ SETUP.LST invalid line in setup information

    Make a couple phone calls to people who you haven't talked to in a while just to check in and see how they are doing.

    Glad it is working for you.
  2. Re: C: \ WINDOWS \ SETUP.LST invalid line in setup information

    I don't see an error, all I see is a mostly blank screen with the MDAC setup titlebar highlighted.

    I don't think MDAC needs to be installed on Windows 10, but I'm also not sure how to properly...
  3. Re: C: \ WINDOWS \ SETUP.LST invalid line in setup information

    There is definitely a problem with that line.

    After (Shared) is supposed to be a date/timestamp, but you'll see that the date has an extra "field", if you will. Make a backup copy of setup.lst,...
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    Re: Date Format

    Ok, I'll bite.

    I've just entered a date of "03/06/2021". Is that a correct format? Yes?

    Well, guess what. I entered that to represent June 3rd, 2021. In other words, I entered "DD/mm/yyyy"....
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    Re: Adding variables in HTML emails

    In your first block of code you are never assigning a value to emailmessage.Body
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    VS 2010 Re: [RESOLVED] Form2 is opened repeatedly

    Yes, of course the introduction of a new variable that isn't actually used in your code fixed it...
    ...and not the fact that you also changed the logic of your If statement just like was suggested...
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    VS 2019 Re: Printing form on 8 1/2 x 11 paper

    Easily found by searching for what e is.
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    Re: Connector ODBC Wizard

    Look at the variable names in your Line Input statements and compare them to the variable names in your SQL connection string.

    Good luck.
  9. VS 2010 Re: Incremental generation is slow even for small values

    Also, since you have struggled with assigning values to a BigInteger object in numerous past threads over the course of the past couple years, and have been shown the proper way to assign values to...
  10. VS 2010 Re: Incremental generation is slow even for small values

    The way you are doing it now - updating TextBox4.Text for every iteration of the loop - is extremely inefficient for a multitude of reasons.

    Use a StringBuilder object to build your concatenated...
  11. Re: How to view OCX, DLL and DCR files in embedded Documents, using object and embed

    Better ask Microsoft directly, since no one here has control over how IE is coded.
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    Re: Prevent Form_Activate

    Sounds like you are trying to solve the wrong problem. If you have code in Form_Activate that you don't want to run when that event happens, then it probably doesn't belong in Form_Activate.

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    Re: Trying to identify the *.BAS file

    Are the 80 projects 80 previous versions of this same program? If your instinct is to ask, "How would I know that?" in response to that question, then the next question is, do the .vbp files have...
  14. Re: Calculate Age-February issue

    Fantastic. That example doesn't address my post at all.

    Good luck.
  15. Re: Calculate Age-February issue

    If cur_day < Dy Then
    If cur_month = 2 Then
    cur_day += 31
    cur_day += DateTime.DaysInMonth(cur_Year, cur_month)
    End If
    cur_month -= 1
    End If
    rest_day =...
  16. Re: Calculate Age-February issue

    I've never come across anything that assumes February has 31 days.

    It is hard to help you fix your function when you don't post any code.
  17. Re: Structuring a Select Case Block (With a Single Data Type testexpression)

    Should work, but probably not the best solution:

    Select Case mySingle
    Case Is < 12
    Case 12
    Case 24
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    Re: Stupid Things Developers Do

    They write crappy code that results in horrendous security vulnerabilities.

    Of course, they are probably being paid to do so by government agencies - domestic and foreign. After all, software has...
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    Re: Unique System Code

    You've done a poor job of explaining your goal and problem. You say you want to ensure that the app runs only on selected systems, so why do you care which user uses it? Or do you want to allow...
  20. Re: How to implement chart - Cairo/RC5 or other?

    My snark was not at all directed at you.


    References this:
  21. Re: How to implement chart - Cairo/RC5 or other?

    I'm sure the OP is very pleased with all this helpful discussion. :rolleyes:

    Looking forward to Notepad++++++++++
  22. Re: Start Service on remote computer using different credentials

    I don't have an answer to your specific question, but can offer several alternate options:

    1. Configure the service so that it will restart automatically if the service fails.

    2. Configure a...
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    VS 2010 Re: Failed to detect process

    Always read the documentation:

    "The process name is a friendly name for the process, such...
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    Re: join three tables to get Sum

    If all you are wanting out of those two tables is the total sum of one column from each, then I don't understand why there is a need to do any unions or any complex queries that try to get both all...
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    Re: join three tables to get Sum

    As I pointed out in your other similar thread, this is exactly why you need to specify your exact needs in the first post. The number of people willing to help you will decrease significantly if you...
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    Re: join three tables to get Sum

    Just a heads up - this is likely a carryover from this other thread:

    where, in that thread, the OP also continued to...
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    Re: Simple NAS Appliances

    If you haven't checked out the thread below, it might be worth a look. There are a few workarounds to get Flash to still work.
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    Re: Simple NAS Appliances

    Consolidation is probably a small factor, but everything going cloud is likely the main reason.
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    Re: Turn On and Off the printer spooler

    From command line

    net stop spooler
    net start spooler

    That being said, I'm not actually sure what the user experiences if they try to print while the spooler is stopped. Also, if the user...
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    Re: [JAVASCRIPT] - Calculating Pi

    Technically, the OP code is a Monte Carlo simulation that will generate a reasonable approximation of pi. But every time that code is ran, a slightly different result is likely to be returned.
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    Hamilton signed a 1 year contract for 2021. Darn. Russell in that seat would have made the entire season more exciting.

    Now its going to be Hamilton winning 15+ races, locking up the driver and...
  32. Re: Instantiate internal class object with name in string


    A lot to read there, but very well worth it.
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    Re: Get external file path

    Good luck then.
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    Re: Get external file path

    I'm not following the logic behind your code at all. The registry setting that you posted indicates that you are passing the filename that was right-clicked as a parameter to your program (that's...
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    Re: Get external file path

    Is the filename being passed to your application as a parameter? If so, then in Form_Load you should be able to add something like this:

    txtFile.Text = Command$
  36. Re: Why is VB.Net/C#/XAML + VS2019 is better than VB6? Here's why.....

    But, according to "Eastern Media", China hasn't had any cases of Covid in something like 8 months, so if that is true, then you have nothing to worry about. Perhaps "hemispherical media" are quite...
  37. Re: Why is VB.Net/C#/XAML + VS2019 is better than VB6? Here's why.....

    That makes it sound like a "programming master" doesn't need to actually create it, just have the idea to do so. Seems oddly fitting.
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    Re: Help with IO.DirectoryInfo

    Remember - accessing a share on a remote server requires you have permissions in TWO places:

    1. The "Share" permissions.
    2. The "Folder" permissions.

    If all you've changed is the "Folder"...
  39. Re: Looking for Microsoft's ExcelADO Sample Files

    This should be the file you are looking for. Added code tags to prevent it from being a hyperlink so that it can't be accidentally executed.

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    Re: Ghost shortcut

    Assuming Windows 10 still has a functional command prompt (I don't use W10), navigate to your desktop folder from the command prompt and try to delete the file from the command prompt.
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