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  1. Re: VBRichClient - SQLite - Slow Loading Data

    When retrieving data you don't use transactions.
    What is the code for querying the DB and what code do you use to fill the grid?
  2. Re: Vb6: Winsock data arrival truncated problem

    Is this actual code??
    Because this "If InStr(strResponse, "login") & Winsock1.BytesReceived Then" will never work
    Use And instead of &
  3. Re: Visual Basic 6 shipped project throws error on compilation

    If the installation failed then something else is wrong.
    This has nothing to do with the compiled VB application.

    You need to be more specific about:
    - what installer you used (Package &...
  4. Re: Visual Basic 6 shipped project throws error on compilation

    Normally it should just work on W10.
    And if you have to check it then do a fresh installation W10 on a PC and test the software.
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    Re: VB6 - Yet Another Web Server

    The URL and the parameters should be separated with a ? not with a #
  6. Re: Automatically Load most recent project at startup?

    I have the IDE in the taskbar (edit: it isn't called the toolbar) and pinned my favourite projects in the recent list.
    Instead of left click on VB6 icon I do a right click and select the desired...
  7. Re: difference between ! and . character in the syntax of the VBA identifieer

    I never use the ! (the bang operator), but there is a nice blog about it:
  8. Re: Remove duplication in listview column

    Maybe use a decent grid control in which you can merge cells.
  9. Re: how to catch msgbox popup event ?

    I assume you have code in each form to show the msgbox?

    Then start with something basic like:

    If Me.WindowState = vbMinimized Then Me.WindowState = vbNormal
    MsgBox ...
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    Re: Find And Replace in File (Hex)

    There ain't such thing as hex data.
    All data in files are bytes, hex is just a representation.

    The same question today:...
  11. Re: [help] VB6, How to search/replace a pattern in the byte array?

    You can loop through the byte array and check each byte value.
    If it matches the first byte of the pattern then check the next byte for second byte in the pattern, and so on and so on.
  12. Re: Using public type as input parameter for function

    I really suspect something like this:

    ' In a module
    Public Type tpPoint3D
    X As Double
    Y As Double
    Z As Double
    End Type
  13. Re: Using public type as input parameter for function

    You should be able to do this.
    But be aware that you don't have multiple definitions of the UDT.
    Maybe you have a public one in a module, but also (an old) declared the UDT in a form.
  14. Thread: Thanks....

    by Arnoutdv

    Re: Thanks....

    Do we need to be worried Sam?
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    Re: OUT of memory in VB&

    Important is whether you need to process the data sequentially, as in the same order as in the file.

    Reading a file line by line and processing can be slow sometimes.
    You can also read the file...
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    Re: OUT of memory in VB&

    The file is 224MB,
    The string needs 448MB, because of unicode
    Then a split, at least another 448 MB.

    So rethink your approach, why does the all the data need to be in an array?
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    Re: OUT of memory in VB&

    On which line does the error occur?
    Because you have an error handler, so the messagebox should not appear
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    Re: Date comparison between DB Access fields

    If it's possible then it should be DateDiff
    Do the date columns also include time stamps?
    If not then you can just compare the 2 fields.
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    Re: LOOPING fso array txt

    It was addressed to me.
    I copied the original path from the original first post.
    Somehow Luca made a mistake and wanted all posts to be modified
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    Re: LOOPING fso array txt

    Hahaha, you quoted my posted.
    Now you have to change your post.

    Thought I dont see whats so special about the filename
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    Re: LOOPING fso array txt

    Dim fID As Integer
    Dim sLine As String

    fID = Freefile
    Open C:\somefile.txt For Input As #fID
    Do Until Eof(fID)
    Line Input #fID, sLine
    Close #fID
  22. Re: Need help from Schmidt or other experts

    Based on screenshots nobody can write some code for you.

    What kind of advice do you have in mind?
  23. Re: Need help from Schmidt or other experts

    First start with creating a parse routine for the value returned from the "Medicament" column.
    Just dump it to a text file with the ID.
    Then check manually whether the parsing is ok.
    So just dump...
  24. Re: VB ADD-INS for analyzing variable names

    Have a look at MZTools, it doesn't do everything you asked for, but does dead code and unused variables.

    Also handy:...
  25. Re: align to center the text in first column of listview

    Like said before in dozens of other threads, use a MSFlexGrid.
    The time you have spend on trying to bend the ListView in strange directions could also have been used on modifying your code once and...
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    Re: Hamilton 5x World Champion ?

    What a race, wow!

    The penalty for Hamilton also gave him the chance to show what a great driver he is.
    Bottas, hmmm
    Ferarri is laughable .
    Red Bell, something seriously wrong with the cars
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    Re: Fixed-length encryption

    No that's not possible.
    MD5 is a hash, there is a big difference between hashing and encrypting
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    Re: VB6 - Writing PDFs

    Some members from this forum are trying to find a way to preserve the content of PSC, see this thread:
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    Re: Using MSGlexGrid Control

    How are you filling the Flexgrid at this moment?
    Using the .TextMatrix property you can fill any cell you want
  30. Thread: Manifest OCX

    by Arnoutdv

    Re: Manifest OCX

    Dile, it's such a pity that you don't longer maintain your MMM.
    The current version is already very good in my humble opinion and I would be happy to buy a license for using it in commercial...
  31. Re: If Now > Time(8, 0, 0) And Now < Time(8, 10, 0) Then

    The time variables are floating point values between 0 and 1.

    ? cdbl(timeserial(8,0,0)), cdbl(timeserial(8,10,0))
    0.333333333333333 0.340277777777778

    ? cdbl(now) ,cdbl(date),...
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    Re: Utility has begun hanging

    Maybe a timing issue?
    Place a little pause between the 2 statements
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    Re: Run Time error '-2147217900(80040e14)'

    If you have implicit conversion then it will be done be on the computer local settings.
    The Str() and Val() method will always use US notations.
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    Re: Run Time error '-2147217900(80040e14)'

    You say it's running perfectly on your laptop.
    On which machine does it error?

    Nevertheless you should really check what the actual query is.
    Maybe in the VB6 IDE on the development PC some...
  35. Re: [RESOLVED] Run-time error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set

    You replied to a thread which is 8 years old.
    The thread is about ADO, queries and recordsets, while your question is about webscraping.
    Next you say you are using VBA, which has it's own subforum....
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    Re: really...?

    Jup its gone.
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    Re: Multi Language VB6 Application

    I use simple INI files for this.
    And I do use a file per language.
    Very easy to add new languages.
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    Re: Windows 10 Look?

    We follow more or less the UI of the Office applications, because that's what our customer are most used to.
    Office look and feel is not always in line with Windows itself.
  39. Thread: LabelPlus

    by Arnoutdv

    Re: LabelPlus

    I never understood why people insist to use the property window to set captions or whatever.
    Just set the correct value in the Form_Load
  40. Re: How do I make VB6 NOT automatically register ActiveX DLL that it compiles?

    I don't know anything about preventing the IDE from automatically registering activex components, but the IDE does not need any compatibility mode when running on W10
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