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  1. MessageBox alternates for .NET Core

    When there is a need to display information or ask a question itís common to use MsgBox or MessageBox which for most cases works.

    Then there are cases when the button text is not suffice,...
  2. Re: update collection from datagrid

    If you have not, implement INotifyPropertyChanged on your model

    Set DataGridTextColumn binding e.g. Binding="{Binding FirstName, ValidatesOnDataErrors=True, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}",...
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    VS 2019 Re: JSON to DataGridView

    One possibility, use json files with a structure which defines columns and data e.g.

    "ColumnDefinitions": [
    "HeaderText": "Id",
    "DataPropertyName": "Identifier",
  4. VS 2019 Re: Logged in user tracking and close instance of seleced user's

    First off, one question per-thread.

    If the malfunction is not catastrophic then you need to properly handle the problem using assertion and/or try-catch statements and advise that you create unit...
  5. VS 2019 Re: Issue managing multi same forms with backgroudWorker

    You should read Thread.Sleep is a sign of a poorly designed program.
  6. VS 2019 Re: Issue managing multi same forms with backgroudWorker

    Not sure what that means

    If you are not interested in an infinite logic then consider a System.Threading.Timer which accepts a TimerCallback Delegate
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    VS 2019 Re: Combobox Tricks

    My preference is what techgnome mentioned in regards to a List(Of T).

    Here I load data using the following class.

    Screenshot 182847

    Public Class Employee
    Public Property EmployeeID...
  8. VS 2019 Re: Issue managing multi same forms with backgroudWorker

    This is just down right wrong

    Public Sub WorkerDoWork()

    For i = 0 To 1111111111111111
    Me.Invoke(LaunchUpdateLabelDelegate, i.ToString)
    End Sub
  9. Re: Generate classes from SSMS in Visual Studio 2019

    I never heard of PetaPoco before, took a quick look at PetaPoco.Core.ttinclude and with that the PasteSQL is limited in that it only does SQL-Server unlike PetaPoco which does multiple databases.
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    Re: Clone and Rename - Install File

    This is really easy with Visual Studio 2010 and higher using Resharper extension.

    High level, copy the solution folder then paste, change the folder name. Open the solution, change the namespace...
  11. Generate classes from SSMS in Visual Studio 2019

    PasteSQL C# Classes

    This add-in will allow you to paste SQL create statements from SQL Server and create C# classes from the table. In SSMS, Right click on a table, Script Table as> Create to>...
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    Visual Studio Code tricks

    Open a GitHub repository in Visual Studio Code in your browser

    Open a GitHub repository (try one of yours first)
    Type a period character
    This starts VS Code
    On the left is a menu followed...
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    Re: Dictionary, more than one item

    For learning, another option is Lookup<TKey,TElement>

    In the following code written many years ago focus on Demo_3b while there are other examples which can be considered.

    Public Class...
  14. Re: Delete lines between specific 2 lines in text file using

    According to your last response the best option is to populate a .json file where each question has options like you presented, use or System.Text.Json to read/write to the file.

  15. Re: Delete lines between specific 2 lines in text file using

    Consider using a comma-delimited file coupled with a concrete class which represents your data.

    Sample data in a file

    1,Question 1, answer 1
    2,Question 2, answer 2...
  16. VS 2019 Re: Cell value of First colum & last row in datagridview

    An alternative is to load the DataGridView by setting the DataSource be it a DataTable or a list. Let's say columns are EmployeeID, LastName, FirstName, Country in a DataTable and populated from a...
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    Re: Powrshell command and output

    The cheap way is using Process.Start. Since you have one variable that can be done with string interpolation. The following is a working proof of concept which gets the current IP.

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    Re: Basic url opening in VS 2019

    Note the OP has already done this in the initial post.
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    Re: Basic url opening in VS 2019

    If using .NET Core consider the following NuGet package (source)

    Install-Package MintPlayer.PlatformBrowser

    Option Infer On

    Dim browsers = PlatformBrowser.GetInstalledBrowsers()
    For Each...
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    Re: Basic url opening in VS 2019

    Here is an example targeting Chrome browser

    Imports Microsoft.Win32

    Public Class Form1
    Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
    if Not...
  21. Re: Excel task not terminating

    Try the following pattern where adhering to the order of objects being disposed makes a difference in killing your Excel objects, otherwise these objects will dispose on a clean exit of the app while...
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    Re: Export to Excel From Datagridview

    This is simple to export columns in a DataGridView when using the DataSource of the DataGridView with a DataTable using SpreadSheetLight via NuGet.

    To get only needed columns, Crate a new...
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    Re: Strange DGV Behavior

    Perhaps the following might help.
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    Re: Visual Studio blank solution fix

    It's gotten exposure on Tweeter

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    Re: Time Picker ComboBox

    Agree in regards to you can work directly with the time portion via a DateTimePicker.
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    Re: Visual Studio blank solution fix

    Just had 20 developers install VS2019 developer's edition this week, none had the blank solution.
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    Remove Mark of the web - Recurse

    Some computers may have security setup to not trust some files download from the web such as a form resource file in a VB.NET or C# project. If there are many files one must right click on each file...
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    Visual Studio blank solution fix

    Visual Studio earlier versions provided an option to create a blank solution then in one or more updates this option has gone away. For those who are new to Visual Studio may want to create a new...
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    Time Picker ComboBox

    .NET Framework has a DateTimePicker but not a control to work with TimeSpan which is what TimePickerComboBox was created for.

    Developed with .NET Core 5.

    Simple example with using a data...
  30. Reusable code published in NuGet packages

    When developing many applications generally a developer finds certain methods are used over and over again.

    When this happens an option is to place code into a separate Visual Studio solution as...
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    VS 2019 Re: Get number of cell

    There is a free Excel library, SpreadSheetLight, on NuGet which can perform a case insensitive find against all used rows/columns in a WorkSheet.


    Used rows/columns are provided via...
  32. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    Been getting up to speed with Rider for working with VB.NET then I will have more contributions.
  33. Re: how do i disable FileSystemWatcher after file is found?

    Take a look a the following code sample. The class inherits FileSystemWatcher which in this case watches for specific files in the bin\debug folder and removes them.

    Simple start/stop watching

  34. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    My last comment on this topic.

    Live in stone-age or not, that is your choice.
  35. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    Totally agree
  36. Re: Max SQL Column value - VB issue executing command

    You need ExecuteScalar not ExecuteReader
  37. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    That is not a good attitude if you are a developer with say five or more years left in the profession. Some developers will coast by on a given language but what happens when it's mandated to use...
  38. Re: Insert data from datagridview to SQL database

    We are not mind-readers, you need to elaborate on the issue as it doesn't work is lacking details

    First option, step through the code by setting a breakpoint in the code which is not working...
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    Re: Accessing class in class library

    An alternative is to create a new class which inherits BindingNavigator, create buttons there, setup properties, assign images then in your form setup events and conditions such as enabling and...
  40. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    For new projects rather than contemplating this language or that language focus on personal or client needs followed by will the chosen language be suitable for the project.

    If a developer is...
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