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    Re: Extended ascii characters

    The problem with ASCII is that everything above character 127 isn't part of the ASCII standard, Extended ASCII isn't really a standard, it is a way that different ASCII encodings use the characters...
  2. Re: How to extract a link and some text from webpage with Webclient

    The problem with either Regex or Xml as a solution is they both require the html to conform to the standards exactly, this isn't always the case with webpages.
  3. Re: Connection string for Integrated Security

    You have different Data Source names in those two connections strings - do both of those servers exist?

    Also when you are using integrated security then the person running the application would...
  4. Re: What exactly do the font sizes in Notepad mean?

    I would imagine it is specifying the Font's Pont Size not the number of pixels.
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    Re: Access denied.

    Do you have option strict on?

    If you put a breakpoint on the line that starts
    For Each i what is the value of i?
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    Re: we almost got the source to VB6

    That also misses out the other halves - the legality of using it and any 3rd party code that may not be present / licensed in the source anyway.
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    Re: There Must be a Better Way

    One reason for case 1 is that in C# you can implement an interface explicitly or implicitly and you need to tell it which way, I just get into the habit of hitting Ctrl + . once I have typed the...
  8. VS 2019 Re: Select file from listbox show contents in Textbox

    It would help if you told us what errors you are getting, makes troubleshooting far easier.

    Other than that I would check that when you are trying to open a file your application is looking in the...
  9. Re: How to prevent the "Not Secure" from showing on Browser?

    Possibly, SSL is really the first step - you need to also make sure that people are accessing the site via https:// not http:// and that any content the page includes is also accessed using https:// ...
  10. Re: How to prevent the "Not Secure" from showing on Browser?

    In that case getting a SSL certificate is your first step - might be worth looking at.
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    VS 2008 Re: Application giving TLS Error

    Have you tried it? If so are there any obvious compile errors or runtime issues? Might be easier to troubleshoot an upgrade than try to get TLS 1.2 running if the existing environment isn't supported.
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    VS 2008 Re: Application giving TLS Error

    Not sure if is any use to you.
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    Re: [RESOLVED] FindWindow, etc.

    If you don't want to split the code into two parts, then you might also look at async programming, the Task.Delay can be used from an async function to introduce a delay.

    The following shows a...
  14. VS 2019 Re: All possible combinations in an integer array

    If it was so simple and easy to understand why did it take until post #15 (the 6th of your posts in this thread) for you to actually explain that? People are getting frustrated because they are...
  15. VS 2019 Re: All possible combinations in an integer array

    I don't think it is a case of people getting stressed about not knowing how to do what you are asking, it is about how long it is taking for you to actually clarify exactly what you want.

  16. Re: Calling DateDiff directly in vba6.dll or msvbvm60.dll

    Out of interest why do you need to call the DateDiff function specifically? If you are using .Net couldn't you use the build in DateTime methods to achieve your aims? If you really need the DateDiff...
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    Re: Converting C3 to VB.Net

    Anything more specific than "didn't work"? What did it do? What did you expect it to do? Was there an error?
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    Re: FindWindow, etc.

    Ignore this, misread the original question
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    VS 2019 Re: Old man needs help might be worth a look, it explains more of custom formatting strings for a TimeSpan.
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    Re: Automating the running of a script?

    I suppose that depends on your hosting provider and exactly what they do and don't give you access to.
  21. Re: VS2019 Community edition COM Aware setting ?

    .Net 3.5 is included with Windows 10, it can be installed through Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows Features On or Off
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    Re: Automating the running of a script?

    If you are running on Windows you could either write a service (which is a fair amount of work) or you could use the windows task scheduler to schedule the script....
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    Re: VB 6 to VB 2019 execption

    Which line gives the exception and what exception is it?
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    VS 2010 Re: Timer Problem

    If the times differ because of timezones then you could track the time as UTC at both the client and server -that would give a consistent frame of reference.

    If the times are actually different...
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    VS 2010 Re: duplicate of form1

    form2 is just a variable name, you could have said
    dim Steve as new form1 and it would have made no difference, why would you expect a variable name to change how a form works?

    If you want a...
  26. Re: Dependency injection - some explanation

    In both cases the SomeClass object is dependant on an instance of Class1, in the second case it is hard coded to use a specific instance of Class1 while in the first case you are going to provide an...
  27. Re: New Clustered Index already 50% fragmented

    In reality it will probably distribute the data more evenly over the two pages rather than have one completely full and the other hardly being used.
  28. Re: New Clustered Index already 50% fragmented

    Ahh, just looked at the images again and the reason the data is approx 50% fragmented is because of how little data there is. It is probably slightly more than a single index page so the system needs...
  29. Re: New Clustered Index already 50% fragmented

    With a FillFactor of 0 it should be pretty much filling the index pages... Did you add the data and then create the index or create the index and then add the data?

    FillFactor is a way of tuning...
  30. Re: New Clustered Index already 50% fragmented

    Having gaps makes it easier to insert new values between existing values. Without gaps you would need to move all entries up to make room for a new one. Having a gap could minimise the amount of...
  31. Re: The value could not be parsed

    Absolutely love the calling .ToString on a property that is a string but not doing any type conversion when adding an integer to a string!

    Also why are you stopping and then immediately starting...
  32. Re: How to disable auto-save feature in VS Pro 2019?

    I don't think there is such an option ,the build process requires the files to be saved.

    If you are only making small changes then you can still use the undo feature after a save, for more...
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    VS 2010 Re: conway"s game of life is the start of an ongoing series all about the topic, code is C# but the blogs themselves are fascinating.
  34. VS 2019 Re: Trying to read multiple lines comments from file

    IF it was a text file then you would deal with it completely differently to an XML file. Is the format of this file entirely within your control?
  35. VS 2019 Re: Trying to read multiple lines comments from file

    How are you currently reading the XML file?
  36. Re: How to disable mouse and keyboard for 10 seconds

    That is probably because disabling the mouse and keyboard globally is a bad idea anyway, I would certainly be wary of running any application that disable mouse and keyboard to my entire system.
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    Re: Catching an event in a serice

    UI interactions and services are not the easiest things to get working together, the service will typically be running as a different user to the currently logged in user and might not even have a...
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    Re: msinfo32.exe (XP to Windows 10)

    Not entirely sure what you are asking here, MSINFO32 is certainly present on Windows 10, are you just wanting to launch it or use it gather information to display in your About Dialog?
  39. Re: How can I set an event using the data from a SQL database

    So what does send_mail() look like? if that is responsible for sending the emails then there is a good chance that is where the problem lies.
  40. VS 2017 Re: Disposing variables and objects that contains sensitive data is worth knowing about if the decoded data is a string.
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