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    VS 2010 Re: conway"s game of life is the start of an ongoing series all about the topic, code is C# but the blogs themselves are fascinating.
  2. VS 2019 Re: Trying to read multiple lines comments from file

    IF it was a text file then you would deal with it completely differently to an XML file. Is the format of this file entirely within your control?
  3. VS 2019 Re: Trying to read multiple lines comments from file

    How are you currently reading the XML file?
  4. Re: How to disable mouse and keyboard for 10 seconds

    That is probably because disabling the mouse and keyboard globally is a bad idea anyway, I would certainly be wary of running any application that disable mouse and keyboard to my entire system.
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    Re: Catching an event in a serice

    UI interactions and services are not the easiest things to get working together, the service will typically be running as a different user to the currently logged in user and might not even have a...
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    Re: msinfo32.exe (XP to Windows 10)

    Not entirely sure what you are asking here, MSINFO32 is certainly present on Windows 10, are you just wanting to launch it or use it gather information to display in your About Dialog?
  7. Re: How can I set an event using the data from a SQL database

    So what does send_mail() look like? if that is responsible for sending the emails then there is a good chance that is where the problem lies.
  8. VS 2017 Re: Disposing variables and objects that contains sensitive data is worth knowing about if the decoded data is a string.
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    Re: Modern C# to VB

    All I can think of is check that you have imported the Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection namespace and referenced Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.Cookies.dll - other than that can't see...
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    VS 2010 Re: Get and read JSON data

    If you are going to use Newtonsoft.Json it might be a lot easier to create classes for the data structures you are reading from Json and let the tool handle parsing the actual json data -...
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    Re: MS abandoning VB.NET

    Even if we did have a single reliable platform that still wouldn't solve all the problems, learning a language is sometimes more than just the syntax it can also involve thinking about things in a...
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    Re: Data Storage

    EF is a tool, used correctly it can save a lot of time and trouble - makes for far simpler code on the VB side of things compared to DataSets / Data Tables / Data Rows etc.

    If you have people with...
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    Re: Data Storage

    Also if you are looking at using a database then it might be worth considering EntityFramework as an approach.
  14. Re: Automating Data entry script (vb to Online - ServiceNow RFC Form)

    ServiceNow has a pretty well documented API, gives the details.
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    Re: hh:mm:ss - hh:mm:ss

    Could you show the code you are using?

    Also, rather than formatting the dates as strings and trying to subtract that way why not just subtract the dates themselves and format the result?
  16. VS 2010 Re: InvokeRequired Hangs the Application

    Correct, if UI is bound to the DataTable then it will be causing UI updates. Might be best to remove the binding before you start the work and restore it in the Completed event.
  17. Re: Connection string in web.config file

    found by typing "Encrypt web.config" into google funnily enough
  18. VS 2010 Re: InvokeRequired Hangs the Application

    Ignore - misread the question.
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    Re: Azure Cosmos DB and vb6? is probably your best starting point, you would need to access CosmosDB using the REST API as there isn't a VB6 SDK for it. Also CosmosDB stores...
  20. Re: Specify start location for different screen resolutions.

    I suppose you could check the screen size and adjust the starting position accordingly/
  21. VS 2019 Re: How do you document your applications?

    I don't do anywhere near that much documentation!

    These days I have become a big fan of Azure DevOps ( and tend to use it to track my requirements, the Wiki is handy for...
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    Re: Random things

    Perhaps create a class to hold a reference to the image and whatever other information you need - such as imagename or whatever other information you need to track. You could load the required image...
  23. Re: Problem concatenating paragrahs in to one line
  24. Re: How to skip directory or file when UnauthorizedAccessException occurs

    If you look at your code

    For Each strDir As String In System.IO.Directory.GetDirectories(FolderBrowserDialog1.SelectedPath)
    For Each strFile As String In...
  25. Re: Read content of simple webpage into textbox

    What exactly do you mean by "content of webpage"? If you mean just the text then you would need to parse out the text from the HTML source.
  26. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    Our testing approach has been an utter failure, we aren't managing anywhere near enough tests (even with dubious maths to reach our self imposed targets). Contact tracing isn't going to be much use...
  27. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    I think Boris caused a lot of problems by releasing this information on a Sunday night with only 12 hours or so notice that people should be going into work (or not) by public transport (or not) and...
  28. Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    I am not sure anyone has a clue what his message was. I think we need to go / not go to work and use public transport but socially distant public transport and only with members of our immediate...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Fix

    Unless you can invent an new form of number storage for computers then it is as accurate as possible using current technology. The fact it isn't as accurate for some numbers as we would like is...
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    VS 2017 Re: Include sound in project

    You would either need to check for the existence of the file before attempting to play it, or handle the exception of there is an error.
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    VS 2012 Re: Project debugging issues

    If you look into the project propertis, on the "Compile" tab there is an entry for the build output path, change this to where you want the output to be.

    You should be able to use a relative path,...
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    Re: Practical Knowledge

    I would say the two things that are of real importance on a practical level are the ability to debug code and think through a problem before mashing keys on a keyboard.

    I am not saying that people...
  33. Re: Gosh dang i cant find an answer anywhere?! hElp!!

    Do you mean save your program's settings rather than save your program? If so then you might wan't to change what you are searching for to include the word "settings"
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    Re: Just an observation.

    I am quite amazed that is even possible as it no longer matches the delegate signature for an event handler, it certainly doesn't work with AddHandler anyway.

    Looking at the disassembled code...
  35. Re: It's a separate and more important source control question is free for up to 5 users. If you create a project it will give you instructions on how to push your local repo up to it.
  36. Re: It's a separate and more important source control question

    If you are going to be using both machines then an easier approach might be to create an online repo and push from the original machine to the online one and then pull onto the second machine. That...
  37. Re: Webscraping tables from different pages not working (hyperlink does not change)

    Export Fundamental Data U.S. and International Stocks - isn't actually a URL, it looks more like the title of a page - what is the actual URL of the webpage?

    A quick search turned up...
  38. Re: Problem in adding numbers of three text box

    If you step through your code in the debugger is there a particular place where the answer suddenly seems to be something other than what you expected? Learning to debug code is a valuable skill,...
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    VS 2015 Re: Grade Calculator

    If you have a specific problem and have made some effort towards solving the problem yourself then people here will be more than happy to help you. Simply posting the assignment and expecting people...
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    Re: It's a source control question

    Might be worth looking at - you can register for free and one of the features it provides is a cloud hosted git repo. Certainly will protect you against a hard drive failure.
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