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    Re: Building an App

    For smartphone apps with Visual Studio you can use Xamarin (which uses C#).

    With Xamarin you can create apps for Android and/or Apple devices, and can write them in such a way that the majority of...
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    Re: Help with SQL JOIN and DataGridView

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    It seems that you have added the field name to the table name, so you have "FROM Ops.ID" when it should actually just be "FROM Ops"

    Apart from that it seems that the...
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    Re: Where are my dots ?

    There is currently an issue with that, the admins are dealing with it:
  4. Re: No longer being notified when someone responds

    Does this work?
  5. VS 2019 Re: change system locale

    In that case you will probably need to use an API, and a quick search found this:

    That page doesn't include any...
  6. VS 2019 Re: change system locale

    The software should be able to cope with whatever regional settings etc are in use.

    If it is software you have written, tell us what issues you are having and we can tell you how to fix them (eg:...
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    Re: SerialPort Using All The OM Ports

    You probably can't. If you can do it, that will be by editing the first post (I think you need 2000 posts).

    I've changed it for you :)
    (some existing posts still have OM at the top, but new...
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    Re: Cookie help

    A web service is designed to be automated, and therefore you are allowed to do that (as long as you abide to the restrictions in their terms).

    A web site is not designed to be automated, and as a...
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    Re: plus my mobile

    It's a really useful site, you can quickly tell your friends exactly where to meet you, which is great in busy situations (like a large train station, or festivals etc).

    In some places (like most...
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    Re: Dead Monitor

    In terms of considering a new monitor, bear in mind that technology has moved on in various ways - an important one being that energy usage for near-identical models has reduced massively (from what...
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    Re: Pagination Logic

    As you want "up to 5 page buttons", my logic for 2-5 pages would be:
    Disable the first button if the current "page" is 1
    Disable the last button if the current "page" is the last page
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    Re: VB.Net & Sqlite help for query

    The article Why should I use Parameters in my program instead of putting values directly into my SQL string? gives the explanation of why, and also contains links to examples (at the bottom of the...
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    Re: Query of a Query

    That's annoying :(
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    Re: Query of a Query

    Cool, by the way I missed something earlier... you'll need to add GROUP BY DateField to each of the sub-queries.
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    Re: VB.Net & Sqlite help for query

    You need to ensure that you are formatting and delimiting the values the same way.

    Your initial query contains this:

    ...but the second version will create this:

    You need to include the...
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    Re: Query of a Query

    Here's a quick thought:

    SELECT A.DateField, ACount - BCount
    FROM ( SELECT DateField, Count(*) as ACount
    FROM TableA
    GROUP BY DateField
    ) as A
    ( ...
  17. Re: Excel Interop Change NumerFormat on Range

    If values are stored as their original types (Integer, Single, Date, etc), then they are passed directly into the target application that way, and the target application just needs to format them for...
  18. Re: Operation Must Use an updateable Query

    The link I gave in post #19 has some guidance, under the heading "Which folder(s) should be used?"

    Part of that is:
    As you say single-user, you probably don't want to use CommonAppData, as that...
  19. Re: Operation Must Use an updateable Query

    It applies to all writeable files (whether that is database files, text files, etc).

    Executable files (such as .exe and .dll etc) should be in ProgramFiles or similar.

    The location of the files...
  20. Re: Operation Must Use an updateable Query

    Using folders like ProgramFiles for writeable files has been off-limits for over 20 years.

    These days it is more complex to get that working (partly due to virtualisation etc), and it isn't a...
  21. Re: How to generate a report based on customer number (retrieving data from 3 tables)

    I have moved this thread from the VB.Net forum to the Database Development forum
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    Re: We Didn't Start the Fire

    The good news is that at that point they get taken to an air-conditioned hospital, and then a cup of tea does fix that issue.
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    Re: Twain Scanning in VB .Net

    That was me, my apologies for the confusion caused!

    There was spam amongst the nonsense post, so I toasted it :)
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    Re: My font got really small

    It is almost certainly due to a browser setting - you can (even accidentally) set the zoom level per-site.

    One way to change the zoom level is hold the Ctrl key while moving the mouse-wheel, and...
  25. Re: Why does my TextBox not expand with it's form ?

    Have you manged to unwittingly put it inside another control? (a TLP or something else)

    If so the settings for that control need to be set appropriately too (or just move the textbox out of that...
  26. Re: Canīt use two CreateParams functions ... Error BC30269

    I did actually make a minor change to the Shadow code, so reverting that might fix it... just move the CheckAeroEnabled line to above the Dim line.

    If that doesn't solve it, also try putting...
  27. Re: Canīt use two CreateParams functions ... Error BC30269

    Welcome to VBForums! :wave:

    You need to merge the two routines together, in this case I think it could be like this:

    Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property CreateParams() As CreateParams
  28. VS 2022 Re: Get the BackColor from the selected DataGridView row when clicked.

    One possible issue is that DataGridView1.CurrentRow.Index might not return the correct value (as clicking a cell might not set CurrentRow before the event is fired), so you should be making use of...
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    VS 2010 Re: How to make new font() black

    There are some fonts (such as Arial) which have a 'black' (ultra-bold) variation.

    You can only use the 'black' variation if the font already contains it - you can't create it with .Net (except...
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    VS 2015 Re: WebBrowser not loading phpmyadmin

    There is actually an issue with attachments on the forum at the moment.

    If you use the features in the "Quick Reply" area they don't attach properly, but you can add attachments via "Go Advanced"...
  31. VS 2019 Re: Adding Tables to a Dataset with Primary Key Relationships

    For Access-based databases you need to write the joins in a slightly different way to most database systems, and put brackets around each join, like this:

    .. FROM (TableMain Main INNER JOIN...
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    Re: Unverified Publisher

    I have moved this thread to our 'Application Deployment' forum
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    Re: UnhandledException Doesn't Work

    You generally should not write to the app directory, and generally wont be able to - as Windows will block writing to protected folders (such as ProgramFiles etc), because that is what malware will...
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    Re: newer VS versions and subscriptions

    From what I understand, the Community edition is almost identical to the Professional edition, just with different license terms (free for personal use and small business).

    They have a decent...
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    Re: newer VS versions and subscriptions

    Modern versions of VS (since 2017 or possibly earlier) do have the option to log in, but I think you don't actually need to log in. I did log in (so settings get shared wherever I use VS), but the...
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    Re: Musk buys Twitter

    As a general rule "far left" messages tend to be along the lines of "treat people from group-x as people", whereas a "far right" message tends to be along the lines of "treat people from group-x...
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    Re: German Question

    Welcome to VBForums :wave:

    I have moved this thread from our VB.Net forum to our C# forum.
  38. Re: How do I make a color written to file as "RRRGGGBBBAAA", each pixel showing 000-2

    But you didn't delete Dim here if you mean this (In thick letters)?
    [/QUOTE]That line of my post was referring to your save routine... meaning that you should use just the Dim I showed (which...
  39. Re: How do I make a color written to file as "RRRGGGBBBAAA", each pixel showing 000-2

    Your code in post #8 would be changed to this:

    Dim hexString4 As String = Nothing

    Private Sub InvisibleButton_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles InvisibleButton.Click
  40. Re: How do I make a color written to file as "RRRGGGBBBAAA", each pixel showing 000-2

    The problem there is that you have declared hexString4 inside each of the routines - and variables declared inside a routine only exist inside that routine (the ones inside other routines are...
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