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  1. VS 2015 How can remove the out side line in RDLC report

  2. VS 2015 Using arrow key to move up and down left right

    Please help how can i move up and down left right using this gridview on
  3. VS 2015 Gridview rows not diplaying well after clicking on the next page


    when i click on page 2 or next pages
    this is what is displayed
  4. VS 2015 how can i use arrows of down up left right in gridview


    <asp:GridView ID="StudentGridMarks" runat="server" BackColor="White" AutoGenerateColumns="False" AllowPaging="True" OnPageIndexChanging="OnPageIndexChanging" PageSize="45">
  5. VS 2015 how can i use arrows of down up left right in gridview

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    how can i pass multiple parameters

    How can modify this code below to pass multiple parameters

    $("td", row).eq(0).find("a").attr("href", "Uncoated_Wire.aspx?Id=" + $(this).find("CustomerID").text());

  7. VS 2015 How can i convert this ms access code to vb

    If Forms!studentsearch!ADDNEW!rclass <> Forms!studentsearch!ADDNEW!STREAM Then
    MsgBox "No Stream is Allowed to Cream Class", vbExclamation, "UNIFORM "
  8. Jquery datables not working afer adding modal boostrap


    Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
    If Not IsPostBack Then
    Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("SELECT NAME, HOUSE, CLASS,...
  9. VS 2019 java script error Unable to get property '0' of undefined or null reference

    Please help i wanted to use this code to validate marks enter and also to tick the value enter using java but i have not been successful please help.
    i wanted upon entering a score the...
  10. VS 2019 move nex and Previous button not working please help

    Please help i wanted to move to mother details then next of kin details and then display all the values entered in the summary option please help. but my buttons are not working please help find...
  11. VS 2019 dropdown list not displaying well dispite populating values please help


    my drop down list does give me options to select after populated. it only gives options for the entered field but when it comes to empty fileds it remains empty please help

    <%@ Page...
  12. VS 2019 Please help posted on a wrong forum but please me with this link
  13. VS 2019 how can i use controller to execute this code

    I would want it in a way that after the Name has been enter then the account number is generated automatically iam using MVC visual 2019


    Protected Sub Names_TextChanged(ByVal...
  14. VS 2015 How to modify datatable and add combox values

    Please how can i modify the following fields and make them comboxes and add values
    example MODIFYING the code below
    SEX =Values MALE, FEMALE
    CLASS= PRE,P1,P3,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7
    STDTYPE= DAY,...
  15. VS 2015 How to search and autopopulate records in an all editable gridview

    Please help how can i implement this using all editable gridview
    i would also like the other datagridview to view to automatically be refrehed by the corresponding searched record

    This is the...
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    How can i return json without decimal points

    Imports System.Net.Http.Formatting
    Imports System.Net.Http.Headers

    Public Class CustomJSONFormatter
    Inherits JsonMediaTypeFormatter
    Public Sub New()

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    Using Post string

    Please help i have this example about posting string and returning data . How can i use this very example to my coding please help .

    Dim J As HttpJob
    J.Initialize(Null, Me)
  18. How to pass parameter to api with ? sign

    This is the error it returns yet if i run it here in this format on my web browser i dont get any...
  19. Re: error while returning values from API after passing parameters

    thanks for your observation how can i route parameter in this case of mine which areas can i edit to achieve what i want because i wanted to use ? operand in my statement because you are saying that...
  20. error while returning values from API after passing parameters

    Please help am having a problem with returning values from webapi by passing parameters

    Imports System.Data.SqlClient
    Imports System.Net
    Imports System.Web.Http

    Namespace Controllers
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    error while returning values from API

    Public Function GetValue(ByVal id As String) As IHttpActionResult
    Dim customers As New List(Of Baladata)()
    Using conn As New SqlConnection()
  22. VS 2015 how to filter records based on a particular field

    Please help i have my API . my APi has a table employees which has a filed called gender . Please help how can i filter this table records based on gender.

    Public Class EmployeesidController...
  23. VS 2015 How to Use rest Api to post this Json data to SQLserver database

    Please help me with a step by step in visual basic to post this json data to my sqlserver database

    {"status": "SUCCESSFUL", "msisdn": "256782123456", "initiation_date": "2019-10-21...
  24. How can i create a generic handler to get json response from api

    How can i modify this generic hander to recieve json response from api.

    below is the json response sent by the api upon successfull transaction

    {"status": "SUCCESSFUL", "msisdn":...
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