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    Re: [RESOLVED] Dir$ issue

    @ sam
    if you just want a list of folders below some given folder your code in #2 is correct, just add all the folders returned, i am sure that any of the codes posted above can be used to confirm...
  2. Re: Drawing a line / rectangle on a form

    according to the way i read the code, all the labels are actually in the frame, not the image control, although they may appear above the image control

    you can do this with a textbox height or...
  3. Thread: Compiler bug

    by westconn1

    Re: Compiler bug

    just because i was bored, i decided to test as described, but i did not get the same error, i got the expected type mismatch trying to pass the object to a function with no parameters
    with a return...
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    Re: results in Combobox will not save

    you could add a text box which can be filled from the selected combobox item, then save the textbox value
  5. Re: Get results from textbox rather than putting email directly in code, then send em

    did you try

    With .Recipients.Add(Text7.text)
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    Re: Trouble updating field value with VBA

    the error is pretty clear there is no formfield with that name or the field can only be addressed by index
    post a sample of the document and someone will attempt to provide the correct method to...
  7. Re: Vb6: check if textbox is free from more than one specific word

    i do not see any explanation of why you do not want to use the code suggested, but here is an alternative

    if the words can be varied in different situations you should probably use a loop, you can...
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    Re: Send Email

    even if there was code to send an email (myitem.send) and recipient, optionally subject and body etc, which is not included in the original post, outlook will probably block attempts to send emails...
  9. Re: If I wanted to have a Windows PC that only ran VB6 programs...

    i am sure at some time (several years ago) i worked with a vb6 program for a internet cafe that locked the entire computer to a limited set of programs and timed out when the tariff expired
  10. Re: Form Saved as PDF in another folder

    or maybe just wants to use PRINTFORM to a pdf driver
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    Re: Subclassing in a class module

    thread tools above initial post
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    Re: Send Email

    i never did figure this out, thanks for clarifying, i must have just hit on by trial and error when i needed to make it work whilst upgrading to W10, though i don't remember that it ever worked at...
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    Re: Routine needs fixing

    as you do not show the initial call, we have nothing to pick on
    if a default (ie one that is dimensioned, but has no value assigned) boolean variable is passed to the function, it will be passed as...
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    Re: Send Email

    i have found for my applications in windows 10 authenticate needs to be 3
  15. Re: BA macro to read a binary file (equivalent to Mtalab Fread with float32 option)

    you can test this to see if it does what you require

    Dim intFileNum%, bytTemp As String, intCellRow%
    intFileNum = FreeFile
    Open "c:\temp\ascii.txt" For Binary Access Read As intFileNum '...
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    MsOf13 Re: VBA Support on Outlook

    it would be possible to create a class module, add all the desired folders to the class and each class to a collection of the classes so that any item added to any of those folders should fire the...
  17. Re: Error 91 VBscript parsing html text to excel

    the function code i posted in #11 should do what you want, with your original sub as posted in #1
  18. Re: Error 91 VBscript parsing html text to excel

    i am confused here, your code all indicates you are looking up an ABN, but the post #8 suggests you are looking for some information about some hardware items, on which i based my previous reply, but...
  19. Re: Error 91 VBscript parsing html text to excel

    you are correct there, but it was in the comment

    this is the result from the suggested querytable

    so there is no "entity type" to find, the cause of your error
    the data you are trying...
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    Re: Emailing using late biinding

    i doubt very much that early vs late binding will make any difference to this problem, the problem is trying to use outlook at all
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    Re: Emailing using late biinding

    objapp should still be global, the others should be at procedure level, not that this is going to cause the problem you were having

    the same code may well work form within outlook, the problem is...
  22. Re: Error 91 VBscript parsing html text to excel

    most likely cause of the error is that "Finish"" was not found, but that is still only a symptom of some other problem

    as we cannot test the returned results from the query table, can not tell you...
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    Re: Emailing using late biinding

    that message is one reason, but until recently i did not use outlook at all, still don't like it for daily use
    personally i use cdo.message for all my email sending, the code is very similar, but...
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    Re: Sourcing Word Icons for my RichTextBox

    i would think that MS Word icons are copyrighted

    but you could probably find an icon extractor that would be able to get the icon from the Word exe
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    Re: Emailing using late biinding

    unlike objapp, obj email does need to create a new email everytime, this is why it should be dimensioned within the procedure

    i can not see any reason within your code that it should not work as...
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    Re: VB / CDO Email Attachment Link

    unfortunately in these days of xero, quickbooks and other cloudbased programs used by thousands of businesses, it is difficult to get away from clicking links in email
    i did refuse to open them for...
  27. Re: ComboBox results linked to specific Form

    from form2

    text1 = form1.combo1.textchange form names and controls to suit

    or you can do the same from form1 by prefixing the control on form2 with the form name, even before you show form2
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    Re: Emailing using late biinding

    as you would be creating a new outlook object for each email you are trying to send, it could open many instances of outloook
    you should test if objApp is already an open instance of outlook, before...
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    Re: VB / CDO Email Attachment Link

    if the attachment filetype has a default program (your vb6 application) to open that filetype on the recipients computer, it should launch the program on double clicking the attachment

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    MsOf10 Re: Can't delete blank columns

    the worksheet is still the same number of rows and columns regardless of what rows or columns you delete

    control end will always take you to the last column in the usedrange, deleting all values...
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    Re: VB / CDO Email Attachment Link

    have you tried double clicking the attachment?
  32. Re: VBA Macro gets slower with every execution

    by not filling it first is the best method

    personally i would change from using application.ontime, change to an API timer

    simplest example

    Workbooks("Etuve.csv").Close False
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    Re: Recorrer con For en ListView

    even with the translation, this is pretty had to understand

    on which line does the error occur?, what is the value of i and the value of .listitems.count
  34. Re: [RESOLVED] get value for a variable where the name of the variable is composed dy

    you can add all /some controls to a collection of classes of control objects for a type of control, this will allow the receipt of events as well as access to properties (similar to a control array...
  35. Re: VBA Macro gets slower with every execution

    how are you firing the one minute event?

    i would avoid (find an alternative to) all lines that select, activate or use any selection or active anything

    does it really require a userform for...
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    Re: Excell With V.B

    i have asked for this to be moved (pls do not duplicate) to office development, but it may be separated from the original old thread

    as later versions of excel are quite different, particularly in...
  37. Re: Use VBA to run a code on multiple excel files yet each doesn't save a new sheet

    you should avoid selecting anything or using active anything, to prevent errors, especially when working with multiple workbooks

    try like

    Set wsSource = wb.Sheets(1)
    Set wsSource =...
  38. Re: Manage Excel workbooks from a Powerpoint macro (VBA)

    the error would suggest there is no currently open instance of excel

    there is no need for a reference when using late binding of objects (getobject or createobject) this is ideal when you may not...
  39. Re: How to change plot area size of a shape pasted from an Excel file to a powerpoint

    i do not have powerpoint, so can not give an authoritative answer, but if i was trying to do it, i would look to create a temporary chart, as desired, in excel then just copy that to powerpoint
  40. Re: Manage Excel workbooks from a Powerpoint macro (VBA)

    this should fix your code

    Function PromptForWorkbook() As String
    Dim N As Long
    Dim s As String
    Dim myString As String
    Dim WB As Object
    Dim xl As Object
    Set xl =...
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