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    Re: VB.NET 140 Textboxes Numbers Only

    Just dug up an old bit of sample code I threw together a few years ago, it is just another custom textbox.

    You can set the type of content allowed via the AllowedContent property and there is a...
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    VS 2008 Re: Can't Dim walls

    Is that the exact code giving the error and the exact error message? Seems strange the error message refers to "wall" but nowhere in the line of code you posted do you have anything declared as...
  3. Re: Change the source code of the .Net4.8 framework from C# to VB.NET

    You could always try something like to reverse engineer the compiled assemblies into, no idea how useful the reverse engineered code would be without comments etc.
  4. VS 2015 Re: unable to route value using visual basic Project

    Where is RegisterRoutes2 being called from?
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    VS 2022 Re: Moving from SQL Server to MySQL

    Making a database available over the internet is always possible, it is just a matter of configuring the firewall to allow the correct ports through. However, having a database directly reachable...
  6. Re: Need help with Windows Photos application please.

    Not sure about windows 10, but on Windows 11 there is a Video Editor App included. Try clicking the start button and typing "Video Editor" and see what comes up.
  7. Re: How to change properties of added control in table layout panel

    Presumably the third one isn't working because the three columns can't take up 150% of the remaining space.
  8. Re: Reduce dimension of JPEG without losing quality

    10Kb, why do that when you can store an entire mkv file in 10 bytes
  9. Re: Reduce dimension of JPEG without losing quality

    By definition scaling down is a lossy operation, if you have fewer pixels then you can't have as much information visible as when you had more pixels.
  10. Re: Anyway to adjust Google Drive default row count of items/Set up Google API?

    You really should consider using the official Google drive API mentioned earlier rather than trying to scrape HTML?

    Even if you get this working it will break if Google change the ui, it is also...
  11. Re: Date Format in SQL string

    A better option would be to use a parameterised query, not string concatenation. Parameters remove this problem entirely as well as being more secure.

    If you search the forums you will find...
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    Re: Can't get pinged IP, Its name

    looking at the documentation, and given the name being DNS, this method performs a DNS lookup on the address / ipaddress. That means if there is no DNS entry for the hostname / ipaddress then it will...
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    Re: Can't get pinged IP, Its name

    The EndGetHostEntry would only work if you had previously called the BeginGetHostEntry method - the two are used together when dealing with Async calls, however there are better ways to do this now....
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    Re: Webbrowser Invoke problems

    Trying to automate websites is often a bad idea and should only be a last resort. Quite often websites are designed to deliberately prevent this kind of automation (captchas etc.), even when they...
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    Re: Can't get pinged IP, Its name

    In that case Option Strict On was pointing out the error at compile time, rather than crashing at runtime - it is rarely a good idea to disable Option Strict when it is pointing out errors, the...
  16. Re: Not a valid Win32, HRESULT: 0x800700C1

    If you are using then you probably don't need this older vb6 component. is probably the way to...
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    Re: Can't get pinged IP, Its name

    Dns.EndGetHostEntry doesn't take an up address, it is part of the older async way of doing things. Is there a GetHostEntry method?

    Also do you have Option Strict On set?
  18. Re: Not a valid Win32, HRESULT: 0x800700C1

    If it needs to run as a 32-bit application, then you could target x86 rather than any cpu - that way it will only ever run as a 32-bit application.

    However looking at the error message it does...
  19. Re: Why are my buttons not anywhere on the screen ?

    If the button's location is relative to the parent panel then why would you also use the panel's location in your calculation? Think about the maths involved, if you add the panel's location to the...
  20. Re: Why are my buttons not anywhere on the screen ?

    If you are adding buttons to a panel then the location is relative to the panel, you don't need to calculate the panel's position on the screen as the basis for the button location. If the panel is...
  21. Re: Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from 'String' to 'Char'.

    "," is a string because of the double quotes. Try ","c to declare it as a character literal.
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    Re: Why can't I hide Form1 ?

    If you don't want Form1 to be visible why is it your startup form?
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    Re: Random Bug

    Not sure what the bug is, however the official documentation at indicates that it isn't thread safe.
  24. Re: Record not being updated - No errors or exceptions

    It is possibly down to some of the values being strings but not enclosed in quotes.

    Then again you really don't want to be building SQL using string concatenation anyway - you should look at...
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    Re: How can I create a for loop?

    So what exactly does "didn't work" mean? Did it crash? Give the wrong answer (what did you get compared to what you expected)? Cause the computer to burst into flames?
  26. Re: Finding UK Car Details Online from DVLA seems to be a good starting point.
  27. Re: Why are my controls not being disposed ?

    Remove then from the controls collection might do it. Not sure if you would need to remove any event handlers as well or not.
  28. Re: Why are my controls not being disposed ?

    Dispose doesn't destroy the object, it simply calls a function intended to clean up the object's unmanaged resources.
  29. Re: How to Divide a Task Across all CPU Cores (Multithreading?)

    Not all code will benefit from multiple threads, so without knowing exactly what your calculation is doing it is very difficult to say if threading is the correct approach or not...

    Also if you...
  30. Re: Why can't I add to a list of string ?

    Lyst(0) = New List(Of String)
  31. Re: Why can't I add to a list of string ?

    Could you not come up with more helpful variable names? Just reading through that it is confusing to figure out exactly what Lizt, Lyst,and Lst are!

    Also you don't have a global List(Of String)...
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    Re: What is happening here ?

    In fact, the more I think about this the more I am convinced you shouldn't be doing things this way. If you really must do this through code then just handle the KeyPress or KeyDown events, however a...
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    Re: What is happening here ?

    .ToLower works but .ToUpper throws an error? That sounds weird - what error does it throw?
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    Re: What is happening here ?

    That seems really messy and confusing code. It is calling ToString on a .Text property that is already a string, it doesn't have Option Strict set either.

    The problem you are seeing is down to...
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    Re: Check if Directory in use.

    Probably easier to just try and then catch the error. Even if you could check, you get a potential race condition....

    You check and nothing is using the directory, then something starts using it,...
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    VS 2022 Re: textbox max length 1024

    Could it be because you are sizing your string to 102 4 spaces in your read function?
  37. Re: Visual Small Basic v1.8.5 for kids and beginners

    Only had a brief look at it myself and I am not really sure what benefits it would bring over just learning VB.Net - I think the fact variables don't seem to use "Dim" to declare them threw me...
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    Re: Command Prompt in Windows 10?

    It really depends on what you are overwriting and what you are overwriting it with - in this case presumably they have studied the original file and figured out how to safely change it to get the...
  39. Re: Should I use a Class or a Structure, (Matrix Tool)

    Looking at this and your original post, I am not convinced that switching between a struct and a class would yield much of a performance difference. If there are speedups to be had they are probably...
  40. Re: Best Alternative to VB6 for teaching and training

    May not be to your taste but have you considered C#? The IDE and language is free, installs just fine on a modern OS.

    The language can start from a very simple console "Hello World" in fact the...
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