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    Re: Can't get "Class" AddressOf to work

    So stripped down code, starting with an object created from an vb6 ActiveX dll

    IDispatch *IDisp;
    ITypeInfo *IType;
    ITypeInfo2 *IType2;

    TYPEATTR *ta;
    FUNCDESC *fd;...
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    Re: Can't get "Class" AddressOf to work

    I like the trick of having the compiler reveal its own vtable

    Has anyone looked into how the idispatch->invoke or itypeinfo->invoke finds the function address from dispid/memberid?

    I havenít...
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    Re: Can't get "Class" AddressOf to work

    the mst trick is nice
  4. Re: CommandBarEvents not being raised during runtime

    Add to the system menu of the top level ide window vrs the child immediate window which may not exist?

    Or hook create window watching for immediate window creation if not found and add to it...
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    Re: Add-Ins, what do you use them for?

    I use three

    - mouse wheel fix from ms

    - classview from Patric van de groot

    The classview also has a nice find all...
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    Re: Help with CodeHelp?

    all of my addins have the same set of references.

    Reference=*\G{00020430-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}#2.0#0#..\..\..\..\WINDOWS\system32\stdole2.tlb#OLE Automation...
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    Re: Command Prompt in Windows 10?

    Open the file in binary mode and write those hex bytes to that file offset or do it manually in a hex editor
    Same effect. No need for the old debug app.

    You can see the command line args here:...
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    Re: Help with CodeHelp?

    I used code help for a little while it seemed stable. I donít recognize the project structure from the git repo you linked. I have version 1.2.2 and 2.2 archived here. I used 1.2 best to just compile...
  9. Re: Enabling a command button exetutes the code inside it

    Iíve never had visible = true trigger its click event
    I would look for another culprit or make a small test project to test just that and see if something is weird on your machine to rule it out...
  10. Re: Can someone tell me about undocumented sections in VBP files?

    You can shell another instance of your exe with command line parameters.
    Look for these at startup, if found process then quit. If not show the gui and startup normal.

    No need for a true console...
  11. Re: Simple way to clear the immediate window in code

    yeah sometimes I think there are extra events between setfocus and the sendkeys. GetActiveWindow api was not returning the right hwnd probably top level window not control in window. Maybe...
  12. Re: Simple way to clear the immediate window in code

    finding a rock solid answer for this has been on my todo list for years. I do wish they had included a debug.clear

    Elroy has a post with a "Persistent debug print window"
  13. Re: Simple way to clear the immediate window in code

    I found one on the web years ago that I use from an addin, very similar to whats posted by Eduardo

    Usually works but once...
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    Re: Clicking a button inside a web page

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    Re: Clicking a button inside a web page

    at the top add

    Dim WithEvents web As InternetExplorer

    it would be better to just host your own embedded web browser control though and not use createobject
    which will pop up a new external IE...
  16. Re: compilation and compatibility dependency problem

    I guess next step would be to boil it down to the most minimal example possible and share it for others to try,
  17. Re: compilation and compatibility dependency problem

    humm yeah all the guids and versions line up perfectly..

    I canít say for a fact thatís exactly what gets compiled in fir all cases but seems like a pretty safe assumption as I have seen the ide...
  18. Re: compilation and compatibility problem (Dependency Walker)

    Open each vbp file in notepad. One from the win7 machine compile that runs on both, one from the win10 machine that only runs on win10. At the top of each you will see the activex references declared...
  19. Re: compilation and compatibility problem (Dependency Walker)

    my guess would be that some ocx control version that exists on the Win10 machines does not exist on the Win7/8 machines.

    That would explain why an exe compiled on win7/8 would run on win10 but not...
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    Re: what are the types symbols?

    I seem to remember seeing date as a pre and post #xx#
    Not near a pc to test. Edit nevermind that would be a value not a type itís early
  21. Re: how to check from server.exe if client is alive

    hi jenniger9 :wave:
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    Re: send notifications

    MessagePopUp.Show Is not modal so the loop wonít pause and the text just keeps overwritten with the next value
    +1 for showing a report if there are more than x items you could drive people crazy...
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    Re: Vb6 chatroom server service online help

    just a demo needs more work. anyone can connect in their web browser, uses http chunked transfers to keep data streaming in
    you will need to track data size sent and start next chunk and implement...
  24. Re: How to use program to detect struct is contiguous memory or not ?

    Will the struct defs as text be available to your program ?
    Are you trying to work on arbitrary structures without knowing the expected defs at all?
    Are you only working in your own process address...
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    Re: Using a TLB to call stuff in windows dlls

    Itís really only the first call to the api that is slower, the address is cached after that and the difference will only be like 5 asm instructions extra per call which is nothing.
  26. Re: [RESOLVED] SQL 1 query two distinct elements?

    interesting thanks I was not aware of that. I have noticed anomalies at times.
  27. Re: [RESOLVED] SQL 1 query two distinct elements?

    yuppers this did the trick thanks guys
  28. [RESOLVED] SQL 1 query two distinct elements?

    Some people can do some very clever things with sql, but Iím not sure if it can do this in one query?
    (I am working with sqllite here)

    I want three bits of information, distinct file_path, total...
  29. Re: http Request Unterbrechen wenn keine Antwort kommt
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    Re: "Scratch off" approaches

    Ha that would be great, top layer cat, under layer cat skeleton.
    Or top layer cute girl under layer scary witch or lingerie or witch in lingerie sure why not,
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    Re: I need help with scintilla!!

    You donít necessarily need to use the highlighter files, you can code the settings directly in from vb which makes it easier to experiment with.

    Whatever your highlighting though you need to set...
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    Re: Some unreasonable restrictions in VB6

    All your vars are belong to us
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    Re: Some unreasonable restrictions in VB6

    vb does not have private variables.

    '-------------------- class1 ------------------------------------
    Private a As Long
    Private b As Long

    Sub showMe()
    MsgBox "a=" & Hex(a) & " b="...
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    Re: UDT to String and Vice-Versa

    The pipe serilization can handle all the complexities that udts support like non fixed length strings,
    Variant arrays that contain different types etc. the get/put support in the runtime is...
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    Re: Thunk for a CopyMemory replacement?

    The stub vb uses to transfer you to copymemory is already small Chuck of asm you can see it in second half of this blog post

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    Re: Persistent objetcs after state loss ?

    For inspection like on crash or for a pause resume feature?

    It would be possible to save state and restore state in some
    senses but you would have to design things for it and manually implement...
  37. Re: Finding OLB, TLB file paths dynamically at runtime ?

    If itís a known static list to drive an intellisense feature you can ditch the type libs completely and just create a utility to dump them to an easier to use format. I just use text file formats. I...
  38. Re: Finding OLB, TLB file paths dynamically at runtime ?

    You really have to start with the guid for the context of whatís relevant.

    Different libraries can define the same function names and enum names
    Anyway they want. What if a newer version of the...
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    Re: Iterating through UDT members ?

    Correct itís a 32bit dll only
  40. Re: How to convert this C style UNION in a UDT to VB ?

    glad you got it. this is one way you can watch it:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <cstddef>

    int main()
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