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  1. Re: Enable/disable entries in listview controls

    Are you using the 'Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0' or 'Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0'?

    If you're using 6.0 it has a built-in event for when an item is checked, so it's very easy to...
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    Re: Listview Row Color

    The code snippet is just to highlight the critical part of the code, it's not the complete source (which is in the zip in the post above that).

    Here, the lParam contains the NMLVCUSTOMDRAW...
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    Re: Listview Row Color

    Having trouble posting things, don't want to mess up the attachment of the project in the last post, so here's the code and SS.


    All you have to do is subclass then apply a simple...
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    Re: posting trouble

    I'm getting these 504 Gateway Timeouts whenever I try to post an attachment.

    It seems if I re-try a couple times it eventually gets posted.

    But trying to attach an image just winds up showing...
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    Re: Listview Row Color

    Here's a simplified version of an example on this I did a while back. It's set up to highlight a single row, but you'll see where you can easily change it to specify any condition you want to...
  6. Re: [VB6] Code Snippet: Open a folder and select multiple files in Explorer

    Yeah you can use any of the many ways to get a list of all the items in a folder then pass them all to this function; nothing limits the number of items selected.
  7. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature

    So for another experiment, I switched to an even lower level set of calls for enumerating directories (NtOpenFile/NtQueryDirectoryFile). The main loop does as little as possible, and the issue with...
  8. Thread: Image embeds

    by fafalone

    Re: Image embeds

    I fart in the general direction of the code making me do this!

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    Re: Corona virus, China major city lockdowns, etc.

    What the heck is everyone talking about, the Presidential Election was a week ago and Biden won, that means coronavirus is officially over and all discussion of it, all lockdowns, social distancing,...
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    Re: Change Audio Default Device...

    Yes, through an undocumented interface:

    [VB6, Vista+] Core Audio - Change the system default audio device
  11. Re: Here's how to play an Integer array as sound.

    Just as a fun related project, you can also play an MP3 through PlaySound using a byte array.
  12. Re: WM_SETREDRAW being incredibly slow for ListView

    No difference at all between elevated/not, and also no difference between IDE and compiled.

    Have been toying around with going full virtual mode, it's a major rewrite... like weeks of work. The...
  13. WM_SETREDRAW being incredibly slow for ListView

    So I've been trying to come up with a fast way to load very large directories in my ShellBrowser control, and a couple ways have been very good except for the issue that turning redraw back on is...
  14. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature

    Well I might be making some progress... it seems both IShellFolder/IEnumIDList and IShellItem/IEnumShellItems have a best case scenario of 15s or so to load 50,000 items, just reading off the names....
  15. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature

    Hmm, could indeed be the icon lookups. You're using default settings right, with debug output off? And you mentioned you're loading things with the \DemoVB\ demo project--- that form has 3 instances...
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    LVS_OWNERDATA and sorting

    Has anyone ever implemented a sorting routine for virtual ListViews? Figured I'd ask before I went crazy reinventing the wheel; basic search didn't turn up anything. Trying to convert my shell...
  17. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature

    Presumably, Explorer recognizes it as a music folder, therefore loads columns that read title and album from the ID3 tags.

    I believe the difference is Explorer is reading them on demand as they...
  18. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature


    I thought I had the current oleexp version in my system folder but apparently I had the wrong one, on both my main computer and the win10 laptop I use for testing. It's declared as a Sub in...
  19. Re: LVM_CREATEDRAGIMAGE truncating half the item

    It's cutting off about 4-5 pixels still without checkboxes; half the first letter (and the entire thing has a black background, not just the part after the text, but the letters are white so still...
  20. LVM_CREATEDRAGIMAGE truncating half the item

    This is what I get for trying to do a simple drag drop instead of my normal complicated nightmare lol...

    Trying to create a drag image for plain text in a checkbox list, and this is the result:
  21. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature

    Version 8.5 Beta

    The upcoming version has 2 complex new features (and a few smaller ones), and a ton of bug fixes, so I'm posting it as a Beta here first; both because the bug fixes are numerous...
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    Re: Reparations for slavery

    Slavery and the subsequent oppression of black people through the Jim Crow area, and policies only slightly less explicitly awful like the War on Drugs, has caused so many problems with incredibly...
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    Re: Textbox with calculator?

    I'm still not sure what exactly you're looking for here.

    Sounds like you just want to add a 'open calculator' entry to the context menu? You can add items to the default context menu with...
  24. Re: [RESOLVED] Get directory listing on a timer

    For the absolute fastest method, didn't we time NtQueryDirectoryFile to be faster than FindFirstFile/FindNextFile?

    It's very complicated to use though, so unless you really need more performance,...
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    Re: we almost got the source to VB6

    They're full projects with forms, classes, addins, property pages, etc... I just ran a search of *.vbp to show a list of project names.
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    Re: we almost got the source to VB6

    Damn I had a brief flash of hope that maybe, just maybe, since msvbvm60 is part of the XP install, its source would be there, but sadly, nope.

    Interestingly though, there's hundreds of VB6...
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    Re: we almost got the source to VB6

    Microsoft was so obsessed with destroying pre-.NET VB I wouldn't be surprised if they did a 6-pass wipe then chucked every drive containing it into an active volcano.
  28. Re: SHChangeNotify messages causing weird asych behavior

    There's no DoEvents or PeekMessage call anywhere in the entire project.

    The issue involves whether a module-level usertype already contains the file path.

    Private Sub TVAddItem(siChild As...
  29. SHChangeNotify messages causing weird asych behavior

    My code is set up to respond to messages from the shell. I'm receiving a duplicate message immediately after the other, and it's causing bizarre asynchronous behavior.

    I've got a sub that handles...
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    Re: Notorius R.B.G ... RIP

    RIP RBG. She fought the good fight for civil rights all the way to the bitter end.

    If the Republicans seat a replacement, and Democrats take back the white house and senate, it'll be high time...
  31. Re: [RESOLVED] Change the text of the Common Dialog button

    As always there's pros and cons to each approach and you should use what works best for you, but do note that typelibs are references for the IDE only. They don't need to be present after your...
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    Re: CoTaskMemFree vs ILFree

    Definitely want to be using CoTaskMemFree.

    How exactly are you using id lists? If you're creating the structure and doing manual operations on them, there's a lot more room for issues; especially...
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    Re: Presidential Debates

    So I've gotta disagree with people who think the debates won't be positive for Biden.

    Trump has been pushing hard with the narrative that Biden is senile and completely incoherent. But if you've...
  34. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature

    Project Update: Version 8.4 R2
    High-priority Bug Fixes

    The right-click shell context menu was not returning the correct command ids for numerous items, making it take a different action than the...
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    32bit and 64bit Property Handlers?

    My ShellBrowse project allows reading/writing the properties of anything with a registered property handler shell extension that can be loaded.

    I've noticed that the vast majority of them work in...
  36. Re: [VB6] ucShellBrowse: A modern replacement for Drive/FileList w/ extensive feature

    Project Updated to Version 8.4

    I noticed a lot of room for improvement when looking at the sorting in the previous version. First, a major bug had gone unnoticed: Sorting by default columns (size,...
  37. Re: Change the text of the Common Dialog button

    With IFileDialog it's super easy:

    Dim fod As FileOpenDialog
    Set fod = New FileOpenDialog

    fod.SetOkButtonLabel "text"

    Here's my demo of all the other stuff in the interface:
  38. Re: [VB6] Dynamic Resize: Use a slider to change ListView icon/thumbnail size on the

    Just VB6.EXE.manifest; where that file is just the manifest text, not a resource file.

    That may or may not work depending on your system settings.

    If it's not working, you have two options:
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    Re: Arrows in Usercontrol

    What's the context of arrows not working here?

    I had to do some trickery to get the arrow keys to work in API-created controls on UserControls. Had to set an API timer that called a function with...
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    Re: GDI Scaling, ImageLists, ListView

    Really at this point doesn't it become easier to use an API ImageList instead of VB's ImageList control?
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