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    Re: Polygon API coordinates

    I assume you have AutoRedraw set to True.
    When you draw the polygon it is drawn with the API so Visual Basic doesn't know that you've drawn to the DC, so it won't refresh the screen automatically....
  2. Re: ARRAY of label and cursor mouse move

    Sounds like you're misinterpreting what he wants.
    It sounds like he wants to execute his code only if the mouse is above the label when the event is fired.
    Of course he doesn't mention which event....
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    Re: how calculate the FPS?

    Try swapping the two lines, and printing framecount instead of fps. You're using fps to hold the starting tick count and counting frames until the tickcount is a second away from fps.

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    Re: Free .NET gauge control

    You've resurrected a fairly old thread.

    In any case, a basic gauge is fairly easy to create if you have an image of the face of the gauge you want to draw the needles on.
    I created a quick...
  5. Re: Random acces files. What am I doing wrong

    I don't see a field called ClaimNo in the UDT.

    Private Type IsolateFileNo
    Fill As String * 3
    OurFileNumber As String * 7
    FillMore As String * 245
    End Type 'records are 255 long...
  6. Thread: Public Sub

    by passel

    VS 2022 Re: Public Sub

    I'm more familiar with earlier version of .Net so don't know much detail on using Await and Tasks, but I'm assuming your problem is likely a threading issue.
    When you call the function from a click...
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    Re: Multi-clicks.

    Paul's point is while the textboxes exist in the IDE, they haven't been created yet at the time the Form's declarations are processed. So you can't initial your array with the controls where you...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Updating Controls Simultaneously

    If you're updating the whole picturebox 30 times per second, then perhaps it would be better to bypass the standard way of updating the area of the picturebox, i.e. update the area yourself using a...
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    Re: Updating Controls Simultaneously

    Hopefully you're disposing your objects properly. It sounds like it might be memory getting filled up and then a lot of garbage collecting that may be delaying your processing.
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    Re: Showing text over an image

    Since Pictureboxes are always double buffered by default, you shouldn't get flickering even when doing a full repaint, as long as you do repaint everything.
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    Re: Getting a Label control's text to update

    Just updating the text when you change it should work.

    Public Class frmMyTime
    Dim gTime As String
    Dim lblTime As Label

    Private Sub frmMyTime_Load(sender As Object, e As...
  12. Re: How do you create a command that hides each label on the surface of the form?

    You can put the labels in a borderless frame, and then set the frame to not be visible which will hide all the controls parented in the frame.
  13. VS 2019 Re: Determining the "head" and "tail" of a data stream

    Even with those changes, it seems to me you may still drop data.
    Your baud rate is only 57600 and you generally divide baud rate by 10 to get the approximate number of bytes of bandwidth you have...
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    Re: Hypothetical Question

    If you're implementing something yourself, with TLS as the transport protocol, and you don't want to add an additional header, then I've seem implementations where a short packet indicated the end of...
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    Re: put button to repeat song

    I've asked the moderators to move this to the VB forum. The codebank forum is for posting working code, not for asking questions.

    I assume you're asking how to add a button to enable repeating the...
  16. Re: Line Methof for a gradient in a Triangle

    I didn't try your code from post #1 yet, but I suspect you forgot that a triangle is reducing its width by 2 for each line, i.e. you are reducing both the left and right sides, so dividing your step...
  17. VS 2010 Re: gdi/graphics draw image with resize toolbox (Better Question)

    The name of the method has no bearing on whether it will be called or not for an Event, it depends on the Handles Clause, and from what I can see, the Handles clause is referencing the Form (i.e....
  18. Thread: VB6 Tron Game

    by passel

    Re: VB6 Tron Game

    You're hitting your own tail all the time because you're checking the color after you've drawn the color in that position.
    You need to check the color of the position before you draw in it.
    If it...
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    Re: [RESOLVED] Weird Timer Behavior Issue

    I think it may also come down to the fact that you have a validate event that has to occur before the value is changed, so to support that, the change can't officially take place, i.e. be a permanent...
  20. Re: [RESOLVED] Hello, I am looking for help to broadcast a project

    Sorry to come in like this.
    I knew the emergency room and the exams made beautiful pictures of a cancer of a hoop (I think I have a small chance to get out, at least).
    In a few days. I wished ......
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    VS 2022 Re: Creating the subroutine

    You wrote the Sub to accept the return value, so you have to call the Sub with that return value passed in.

  22. Re: How to make a random image generator that creates 2 images VBA

    I don't understand the requirements for your version of the game.
    Do you want to display a random pair from your list of 57 images?
    Then after user interaction, pick another random pair from your...
  23. Re: How to make a random image generator that creates 2 images VBA

    You shouldn't have Randomize in the loop.
    Randomize should be only used once at the start of the program and never called again.

    Since Randomize will seed the rnd function using the current clock...
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    Re: Breaking a loop by a button

    So you're saying that that will work for you.

    Basically, if you have the loop in the timer, then that makes the loop atomic, i.e. the loop will run in the timer event, and other events will be...
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    VS 2010 Re: my code does nothing PART 2

    Your screenshot shows you are on the "For Each" Line.
    There is probably nothing worth looking at there, the FD value hasn't been set yet.
    If you take a step and are on the If Condition line, you...
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    VS 2010 Re: my code does nothing PART 2

    So, when you stepped through the code, how did it not work? Which line(s) had values that you didn't expect? If you're not matching the tag, then do you have any tags that match. You could add an...
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    VS 2010 Re: my code does nothing PART 2

    Did you put a breakpoint on the line "Dim Kafa As PictureBox = DirectCast(c, PictureBox)", and then step through the code to watch what it does and what values you are dealing with.

    If you get...
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    Re: Breaking a loop by a button

    You should probably just make the thing event driven and use a state machine to keep track of what you're doing.
    I would set up a timer with an Interval of 1, so it will tick as fast as possible,...
  29. Re: *** Pattern Program

    The previous question did ask how to create three patterns.
    This is only asking for the one. A slight difference, but.... I thought of reporting it to a moderator as a duplicate, but it is a...
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    Re: Breaking a loop by a button

    Even processing, such as a button click or timer ticks, can't be processed while your code is running. They occur after you leave a sub. If you need to process events while looping in your code, you...
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    Re: Sierpinski's Triangle

    Well, then it will make it harder to choose one of the three points. You will have to convert the random number into selecting one of your set of variables, so you will either need to have a series...
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    Re: Sierpinski's Triangle
    p.s. There could be better or simpler tutorials, this is just the first one I came across when I searched for "vb6 array tutorial". You could do a...
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    Re: Sierpinski's Triangle

    Sounds like an assignment, so you'll need to do the work.
    But if I was doing this, I would make use of arrays, since you have to pick things randomly and use a specific color that is associated with...
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    VS 2010 Re: how to make a isometric tycoon

    Pretty much the bottom line is you would draw the image where you want it to create such games.

    I would use a single picturebox as your drawing surface, and then use DrawImage for every object...
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    Re: DOS in DOS with VBDOS 1.0

    Windows 3.1 wasn't preemptive multi-tasking. It was a DOS program that you ran that provided a graphical environment and allowed cooperative multi-tasking between applications written to voluntarily...
  36. Re: [RESOLVED] Issue using Get to load in a large (142MB) file

    I did fix that in my test code, but had already posted this and forgot to update the post.
    But even if you fix the variable misspelling, it will then get the memory error when it executes.

    If you...
  37. VS 2010 Re: i cant do in vs2010 but i can do in vb6 (illegal pixel positions)

    I wouldn't say that it gave nothing. It was just a paradigm of the way to control the scale, i.e. coordinates for drawing. I used it all the time for drawing graphs and maps, e.g. If I had a list of...
  38. VS 2019 Re: Help with Importing CSV Files With and Without Headers

    I'm not a database person, so don't know the nifty way of slicing or dicing data, but based on the code you have, I would think you would just do something similar to what you have in the...
  39. Re: [RESOLVED] Issue using Get to load in a large (142MB) file

    I would use a Sub instead of a function.
    I don't think you have enough stack space to hold the string to be returned by the function.
    If you use a Sub, you just pass the string to the sub and read...
  40. VS 2019 Re: Help with Importing CSV Files With and Without Headers

    Perhaps follow the Excel paradigm, where along with which columns to import and which to skip they can indicate whether the file has a header row at the top or not.
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