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  1. Re: Ajax - browser lockup during long polling

    didn't fix it ...
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    Re: What language should I learn

    One problem with Java perhaps is the choice of a good development environment. For C# and VB.NET there's not that much choice, but for Java it's a difficult choice.

    Personally, the best Java IDE I...
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    Re: What language should I learn

    I would say there's several roads you can walk. It depends mostly what you need it for.

    The easy choices :
    - The Microsoft path: C#, .NET, ASP, SQL Server, ...
    - The Oracle path: Java,...
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    Re: chess AI programming

    It sounds believable that players often evaluate the correct move first.

    Even in far more complicated board games such as Go (a more abstract game), often the best move is the first one that...
  5. Re: How to check for specific pattern ???

    Hm, did I understand the question correctly ?
    You want to know if a b and c are integers, right?
    only x can be a variable, right ?

    in other words:
    "12x^2+4x+7" = true
    "12x^2+cx+7" = false
  6. Re: How to check for specific pattern ???

    In java there is the String.split(String regex) function.
    In other words you can do

    String[] parts = "a,b,c".split(",");

    This will split the the text in parts and will give you an array...
  7. Re: PHP Equivalent for a few Javascript functions

    In that case I would like to warn you though that the ord() function of php does not convert unicode. It can only handle ASCII.

    The following unofficial code probably also does the trick for...
  8. Re: Ajax - browser lockup during long polling

    Actually I tried something similat before:

    <BODY onunload="xmlHttp.abort();">

    It didn't work, but perhaps that was because the xmlHttp variable is not within scope from there. Perhaps I...
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    Re: arraylist in array/arraylist

    My previous example of course was only to demonstrate how maps work.
    Of course you don't have to hard-code the player names.

    If you use a list or a map, in both cases the names have to come from...
  10. Re: hwo to pass values from list box to servlet

    Just an idea, I'm not sure if this works with servlets but this is how I've seen it in php ...

    <select name='color[]' size=4 multiple>
    <option value='blue'>Blue</option>
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    Re: Square/cube root

    Since you were explicitly not asking for the Math functions ...
    I guess you might be looking for an operator, in which case I have to disappoint you. Java has no power operator as is available in...
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    Re: arraylist in array/arraylist

    In my opinion what you are looking for is a map ...

    Map map = new HashMap();

    List list1 = new ArrayList();
    map.put("player1", list1);
  13. Ajax - browser lockup during long polling

    The goal

    I am making a turned based webgame. One of the issues was to detect when the opponent has made his move, in order to refresh automatically (but only when the opponent has played his...
  14. Server-side interrupt-driven client refresh.

    I'm developing a 2 player turnbased PHP game.

    Each turn can take 1 second to 10 minutes.
    When player1 has made his move, then the webserver will store his move in a database. After...
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    subwindow in FrameView window

    Dear Java developers,

    Does somebody know how to add subwindows (JFrame's) to a FrameView class?

    FrameView is a netbeans thingy, which I usually do not even try to use.
    But I would like to...
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    Re: Why is break and continue bad to use?

    I must agree with ComputerJy.

    There's no point in using a for-condition like <=10 if you will always break at ==5.
    Then of course it's better to use <=4 in your for-condition.

    But there are a...
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    Re: Application for Business

    Hm hm hm hm hm hm hm :)

    Webdevelopment > desktop applications
    VB.NET --> desktop applications.

    desktop applications: housekitchengarden applications,...
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    Re: Webcam for C#.NET project

    For all those who like to use the Webcam class which I made.


    You can read how to use it, why it was written, how I came to the idea, etc... Inside the header of my file. Please...
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    Re: create excel file on linux

    Personally I would create a csv file. It's a plaintext format and excel works just fine with those.

    csv stands for comma seperated values. :)

    just like

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    Understanding PHP Forum code


    I do have some basic PHP understanding but I'm especially strong in programming languages like Java, C#, VB6, C++, ... And I do have a lot of experience with design patterns and best...
  21. Re: Total newbie- game programming, what to learn first?

    For SiTheGeek
    Either way, when borrowing things from other languages you always add unwanted trouble. There are a lot of "languagecultural" differences: unsigned vs signed integers, integers used as...
  22. Re: Total newbie- game programming, what to learn first?

    We'll see :)

    Drawing lines

    You can change the distance between the dots? Can you make it a dotted line instead of a big dotted points? If you really can all that kind of stuff I must admit...
  23. Re: Total newbie- game programming, what to learn first?

    Oh well it has been a long time :). Thank you for correcting me on some points. There were indeed some things I forgot.

    In this post I will generally give some more information about those VB6...
  24. Re: Total newbie- game programming, what to learn first?

    I would discourage you to use VB6. I'm going to tell you why and I'll give you 3 alternatives.

    Some general disadvantages of VB6:
    Until 5 years ago, I spend about 9 years programming in VB and...
  25. Re: Lightweight .NET-supported database

    Thanks, did take me some time to install it, I guessed it would be added to my CLR straightaway, but nideed I had to add those dll-files to my directory and put the reference manually as you guys...
  26. Re: XNA Game Studio Refresh 1.0 compatible with Visual C# 2008?

    I would just like to point out why it can't be used in VS 2005/2008 .

    The content-pipeline which is used for loading resources such as models is only accessible in C# express. The framework of XNA...
  27. Re: XNA Game Studio Refresh 1.0 compatible with Visual C# 2008?

    From what i've heard XNA 2 will also work under VS 2005 and probably VS 2008.

    Just to double check, I asked some people over at #xna on the irc server of EFNET:
  28. [RESOLVED] Lightweight .NET-supported database

    I have a question which is kind of annoying, but I am going to ask it anyway :afrog:.

    I'm looking for a database sysem to use in my software which does not have to be pre-installed on the enduser...
  29. Re: [2.0] What modifier to use in class definition?

    I have to agree with jmcilhinney that your question is confusing.

    If I understand you correctly then you want this class to be used inside another class which is part of the same project/assembly....
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    Re: [RESOLVED] [2.0] How to do

    Maybe use in combination with an enumeration.
    Like ...
    public Test(String catID, String name, CatNameKind nameKind)
    _catID = catID;
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    Re: Has this....

    1) I guess you are already aware of the existance of the following website? Plenty of games and tutorials there and all of them are really carefully documented.

    2) Also...
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    Re: Help with XmlNode

    If you already have an instance of the XmlNode, then it can be done really easy. (XmlNode itself is an abstract class, so I assume it's an XmlElement instance you have, which inherits from the...
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    Re: Invites System

    (Hmm, databases are not THAT hard btw...)

    But, you COULD let your program store the values of the fields in the wiindows registry, it messes up your windows registry, but it's easy to program :)....
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    Re: Invites System

    What if the program is closed and run again, then all previously entered data will be lost. Is that ok?

    I assumed you would want it to be saved?
    --> If you want it to be saved, then an access...
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    Re: Invites System

    If this only has to run on a local computer then it is rather easy. You can use a simple Microsoft Access database. An experienced Visual Basic user could do this in just a couple of hours, for sure....
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    Re: How to create Xml file using c#

    Yeah, tons of tutorials ... really a lot, and most of them suck, imho. Fact is that there are a lot of XML-involving classes, and it looks like if you're not used to it, it's a bit confusing to...
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    Re: Autocomplete with seperator

    You could use a ComboBox instead of a TextBox...
    Or you can use a ContextMenu! (which looks like the popup you get when you presses the right mouse button)

    I would give the contextmenu a try ......
  38. Re: [2.0] How Do I Capture Key Events From The Arrow keys?

    I just wanted to add this messagefilter code sample. Just in case the other way doesn't work. This is how I did it, when I needed it.

    A messagefilter can process all messages of the application....
  39. Re: [2.0] How Do I Capture Key Events From The Arrow keys?

    wow, that's nice ? Does this really work? Even when the focus is inside one of the controls such as a textbox?

    I fixed this problem in a lot more complex way using a messagefilter or somethng like...
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    Re: access other forms

    Nice idea :)
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