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    Re: Food delivery app development

    There are a lot of problems. From quality control to logistic issues. Better read about it here. Also, it will be not bad to read about food app development from these guys (how to create a food...
  2. Re: Software to run the rom on the computer ?

  3. Re: make a mobile application for the website

    You can make an offer to Mobile app developers to make an app
  4. Re: Can anyone suggest a good Android and iphone app development company

    Depends on your needs. Global Selling app or local
  5. Re: What is a mobile application development platform ?

    Mobile application development platform (MADP), also known as “mobile enterprise application platform,” refers to the all-inclusive group of both services and products that allow mobile applications...
  6. Re: What is the use of UI UX Design in mobile Development?

    User Interface and User Expirience
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