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  1. Re: how do i disable FileSystemWatcher after file is found?

    Take a look a the following code sample. The class inherits FileSystemWatcher which in this case watches for specific files in the bin\debug folder and removes them.

    Simple start/stop watching

  2. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    My last comment on this topic.

    Live in stone-age or not, that is your choice.
  3. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    Totally agree
  4. Re: Max SQL Column value - VB issue executing command

    You need ExecuteScalar not ExecuteReader
  5. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    That is not a good attitude if you are a developer with say five or more years left in the profession. Some developers will coast by on a given language but what happens when it's mandated to use...
  6. Re: Insert data from datagridview to SQL database

    We are not mind-readers, you need to elaborate on the issue as it doesn't work is lacking details

    First option, step through the code by setting a breakpoint in the code which is not working...
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    Re: Accessing class in class library

    An alternative is to create a new class which inherits BindingNavigator, create buttons there, setup properties, assign images then in your form setup events and conditions such as enabling and...
  8. Re: How soon may I have to give up (and VB6)?

    For new projects rather than contemplating this language or that language focus on personal or client needs followed by will the chosen language be suitable for the project.

    If a developer is...
  9. VS 2015 Re: Trying to import sleep function


    Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32.dll" (Milliseconds As Integer)

    Works under VS2019, should work under VS2015
  10. Re: Get Connection String By Provider Error

    This is exactly what JMC was referring too. It's crystal clear, unsure why you don't understand?

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    Re: Entity Framework Core for VB.NET

    Check this course out.

    Course 20486-C: Developing ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications

    In this 5-day course, the professional web developers will learn to develop advanced ASP.NET Core MVC...
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    Re: Entity Framework Core for VB.NET

    If interested check out my code sample.
  13. Re: Deleting a row from the data source (datatable) of a datagridview

    Yes the code removed the DataRow from the DataTable
  14. Re: Deleting a row from the data source (datatable) of a datagridview

    Here is a code sample which does a soft delete, minor change to do a hard delete. Code sample written in VS2019, .NET Core 5, will work with older Frameworks.
  15. Re: Application interperting textbox context as SQL Code

    Here is an option which separates data operations from the form. Looks like both values for the UPDATE are strings, if not change the type in each command parameter.

    UpdateOrder returns a named...
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    Re: is gone!

    I have to empty the fricken cache, see it now.
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    Re: is gone!

    It's gone again
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    Re: Using IsNumeric(string)

    Integer.TryParse will return false for "(2)" while the following will return true

    Public Module Extensions
    Public Function AlphaToInteger(text As...
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    Entity Framework Core for VB.NET

    NuGet Install-Package EntityFrameworkCore.VisualBasic -Version 5.0.0-alpha.2
    GitHub repository
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    Re: is gone!

    Nothing is every truly gone from the web.

    Here is a snapshot of connectionstrings from
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    Re: Dataview overhead

    In regards to question 1, yes there is a index which can be accessed via the following extension method. Personally never had any reason to access the field _rowId and only have this code from...
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    Re: Simple DB connection question

    You could (as already recommended) use a try/catch e.g. taken from one of my GitHub repositories for logging in with defined user in SQL-Server and place a breakpoint on the try then examine the...
  23. VS 2019 Re: VB - Connection string to oracle and feed DataGridview1 based on SQL

    Take a look at the following C# project.

    VB.NET is here
  24. VS 2019 Re: VB - Connection string to oracle and feed DataGridview1 based on SQL

    Try using this NuGet package for .NET Framework, for .NET Core this package.

    Also get Oracle SQL-Developer, try your connection there.
  25. VS 2019 Re: - Split large text file by number of lines

    If you would like to see a proven method to chunk files (and there is a great deal more code as it's ported from a C# enterprise utility I wrote) see the following GitHub repository.
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    Re: Image retrieve from SQL DB

    Take a look at the following repository.
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    Re: Always-on-display VB.NET

    If you don't mind a tray app done in C# see the following. Only requirement is rights to read, write to the system registry so it can startup at windows startup.
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    Re: Payroll System Help


    This is a conceptual example, not complete, enough to understand what others have mentioned.

    Uses TryParse to test if string to integer is possible
    Uses a language extension for...
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    Re: Get a Chrome URL

    One of the problems with most solutions for obtaining addresses in Chrome is that Chrome API constantly is evolving so what works in one version most likely will break in other versions. To achieve a...
  30. Re: An Ideal option required instead of Listbox. Coud you suggest

    If you need some code samples check out the following GitHub repository and article. Code samples use SQL-Server to populate ListView controls yet any database can be used or no database.
  31. VS 2017 Re: Delete Record in Recordset by Row Number

    Is there a really good reason for using old school ADODB? It's easy enough to work with positions as seen in the following code which is part of the code sample for moving rows up/down in a...
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    Re: How do I move a DataGridView row?

    This is so that the code can be used in other projects, if you don't care for this then move the code to where you would like it to be. I'm always thinking ahead, never just one project, remember...
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    Re: How do I move a DataGridView row?

    Take a look at the following code sample which moves rows up/down using buttons. Even if you are not wanting to do this with buttons there is code that can be invoked without buttons.

    Data is...
  34. DataGridView auto-size columns options

    When there is a need to have each column in a DataGridView to display the widest value the solution may be to iterate each column and set column .AutoSizeMode to AllCells.

    Change the widest...
  35. Re: Getting the selected item in a ListView control

    If you want to learn about using a ListView including obtaining the selected single item see

    TechNet Wiki article Windows Forms ListView: Examining Detail view with SQL-Server (VB.NET)

  36. Re: How to remove internet marks on a project item

    Even though you have a solution, here is what I was talking about. First off the original solution removed 'the mark of the web' in a command (cmd.exe) session while that works a better solution is...
  37. Re: How to remove internet marks on a project item

    Might try PowerShell. In this case the period is the current folder and -Recurse means to do that folder and any sub folders.

    dir -Path . -Recurse | Unblock-File
  38. Entity Framework Core 5 appsettings.json and logging using SQL-Server

    If using .NET Framework 5 with Entity Framework Core5 and like to configure your connection string and logging see the following GitHub repository.

    Log options (which can be modified easily)

  39. VS 2019 Re: from CheckedListbox to Parameters.AddWithValue

    This is a path to follow with a mock-up

    Extension method to get checked items

    Public Module CheckedListBoxExtensions

    Public Function...
  40. Re: Check Combobox selection for Duplicates

    Here is a solution

    First item in each ComboBox is "Make a selection"
    Each ComboBox has the same items
    Prevents duplicate selections
    Apply button is only enabled when validation is true
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