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    Re: MsgBox Timer on some Forms

    Don't feel bad I almost did the same thing, got so far as to start typing a response when I realized it wasn't the OPs project.
  2. Re: MSCOMM32 Issue, VB6 Not allowing SCOMM32 on form

    Can't say I've ever tried changing the settings while the port is open. I can see where that may fail ;)

    Been using MSComm for many years on the form it is almost always the to the default...
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    Re: Issue with SQLite DB

    No I actually thought about it at one point but didn't until I had removed the field.

    Maybe when things settle down I'll re-visit it and see what happens for now I spent to much time on it...
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    Re: Issue with SQLite DB

    So I dropped that time field, wasn't needed anyway and was only there to keep it the same as another source db.

    Of course the code still did not work, complaining of formatting issue with the...
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    Re: Issue with SQLite DB

    So what I thought would be simple in the beginning turned out to be quite a PITA.
    I have tried many different formats and none of them seem to want to work.

    I had initially thought that since...
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    [RESOLVED] Issue with SQLite DB

    I have the following block of code

    sql2 = "insert into RecordDB(time,operation,object,information)...
  7. Re: [RESOLVED] Calculate weeks and Days between two dates

    To have it update you would run the code again at a later time. Usually one would use a timer for this. Of course I am not sure what you mean by cell value.
  8. Re: VB6 To Add a record I get Type mismatch error 2147352571

    Type mismatch means there is an issue with the data you are trying to put into one or more fields. .Text is a string if you try to put a string into a numeric or date field you can get a type...
  9. Re: VB5 Pro Application Setup Wizard Weirdness

    Sounds like you did not fully install it from the jump drive and it is still looking for something on it.
    If fully installed I would expect it to work without issue.

    Granted I have not used VB5...
  10. Re: Query Question how to get desired result.

    The first one when entered as a whole with the //(Note the semicolon) removed returns a result but the return is recordid and count.

    If I run just the first part I get the same result.
    If I then...
  11. Re: Query Question how to get desired result.

    I may re-visit this later today and then if I still haven't gotten it working move on and use a different approach.
  12. Re: Query Question how to get desired result.

    1: Works and returns a record set.
    2: Also works and returns a recordset but did not find a file. Looked in current folder and the dbf folder
    3: Error [Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]Too...
  13. Re: Query Question how to get desired result.

    I would like to solve this and get this to work but in the mean time I went ahead and created a second query that runs inside the loop that reads the results from the first one. This works of course...
  14. Re: Query Question how to get desired result.

    Hmm well I tried the IIF and getting a different error now. It says I am missing a comma but I do not see where one is missing. I even shortened up the number of fields in the select but still get...
  15. Re: Query Question how to get desired result.

    I seem to remember having failures when not using the outter keyword in there with FP. but I did try it both ways, same error message.
    I don't see the two,, but then my eyesight is not what it used...
  16. Re: Query Question how to get desired result.

    hmmm... still no joy.

    Perhaps I should have mentioned that this is a Visual Fox Pro db

    This is the most recent query I tried

  17. Re: Query Question how to get desired result.

    Yep I'm still lost. Here is a query I was using but the requirement has changed.

  18. Query Question how to get desired result.

    Ok so I have a query that returns a bunch of fields and rows from a large table and I find that I need to calculate a value from another table and hopefully have that value display in the resulting...
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    Re: Delete record in open for binary

    When you delete a record you need to reindex all the records that come after if you want them all to be in order.
  20. Re: pass from list1 to text1,text2,text3,,,,,,

    Trying to read that code in the first post makes my head hurt. If only you would use a control array for the text boxes and a couple of loops that could be condensed down to just a few lines of code...
  21. Re: [RESOLVED] Putting mixed data tyes to random access files

    You don't even need to worry about the number of bytes in the type you can use the Len() function when you open the file.

    Here is an example from an old VBDos program I wrote many moons ago
  22. VS 2017 Need simple routine to execute a query against a foxpro dbf and populate a grid

    I am looking to throw something together that will let me key in a query and have the results displayed in a data grid. I know this shoudl be fairly simple but I have not used the data grid in VB.Net...
  23. Re: Windows 10 Enterprise: Missing mswinsck.ocx

    Yep sounds like your VB6 install was not done properly and SP6 did not install. There are lots of posts on this forum about how to install VB6 under windows 7,8 and 10. If the install is done...
  24. Re: [RESOLVED] Quick question about a select query

    Yep using that method with the left outer join seems to have did the trick.

  25. Re: Quick question about a select query

    Maybe something similar in my case an inner join will not work as there could be 0 records in the detail table and the header for those needs to be returned.

    I'll give it a try with a left join...
  26. [RESOLVED] Quick question about a select query

    I have a header detail type db layout and I need to write a query that returns several rows from the header table and have another column which would be the count of child items that are in the...
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    Re: File Input 1 One Character at a Time

    Agreed on the $ sign. Sometimes I forget now that I am not using VB6 much. I've did a lot of VB.Net and lately doing a lot of C# and JS.
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    Re: File Input 1 One Character at a Time

    How have you dimmed tmpChar? Did you initialize it? You need a 1 character var to get one character using a binary get method.

    You can also use the input function to get one character at a time,...
  29. Re: can you show me your way sending list1 to exe2 list1

    Can't say I've ever had a need to send list1 items over but I have sent lots of data. Usually I either use special characters to indicate if it will be text or binary then if text special characters...
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    Re: Quick Question About Printer object

    I generally just set up a generic text only driver and point it to the zebra printer. Using this method you can send ZPL code to the printer using the printer object and the printer will process the...
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    Re: Printing currently displayed form

    What is set as the default printer on the system in question.
    Printer object will by default use the default printer. You can change which printer to use using set printer to any valid printer...
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    Re: code not firing or maybe wrong

    You should set a break point at the top and then step through the code to see what it is doing.

    The code you showed though will only do something when Label9 changes and label9.caption=10 If...
  33. Re: making application access to the same database from two computers?

    Shared DB is the way to go. I have used Access MDBs for this in many cases both with DAO and ADO, and of course SQL Server and SQL Server Express in many cases, MySQL in a few cases in all cases of...
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    Re: Select case with this

    You don't use select case for this. You would need to use instr() and Mid$() to parse out the string or at least that is the way it appears. Your example is not very clear. Normally what you would do...
  35. Re: Vb6: read richtextbox line by line; out of string space

    I have no idea why you think you need to keep callign command1 nor can I determine why no one has mention using a simple loop but

    Dim arrLines() As String
    Dim x As Long
    arrLines =...
  36. Re: Check if a barcode scanner is launched

    There are a few options some of which may depend on the type of barcode you are scanning. For example UPC codes will be numeric and fixed length.
    You can use the key preview property of the form to...
  37. Re: Project gets stuck when running on Apple computer

    I see you did not answer the questions about have you tried using break, logging or stepping through the code to see where it is actually hanging up.
    This should be your first step. Much easier to...
  38. Re: Project gets stuck when running on Apple computer

    Sorry if this has already been said. I read over most of the posts here but not all.

    You say it freezes. Have you tried hitting break in the IDE when it freezes to see if it show you where it is...
  39. Re: mouse drag not working in vb6 editor

    I'm not seeing any issue here. Thought I was running 21H1 but I checked and looks like it updated to 21H2 at some point.
  40. Re: Trying to get a date from a large number

    Changed the target framework to 4.6 and the statement from post 2 returns as stated,
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