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  1. Re: VB.Net Library for Midi Input/Output based on Windows Winmm

    It is based on VB.Net and built with VisualStudio 2019
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    Re: Maximum y Achse Chart WPF als Variable

    Set the property of the chart from code, without Binding, something like this:

    populationChart.Axes.LinearAxis.Maximum = myMax

    Or, when Binding is required:

    Imports System.ComponentModel...
  3. VB.Net Library for Midi Input/Output based on Windows Winmm

    MIDI stands for: Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

    Although most users don't have a Midi device connected to their computer, there should be a pre-installed software device named "Microsoft GS...
  4. VS 2019 Re: Visual Basic Customized Piano. I'm a Noob. So please tolerate my stupid questions

    Counldn't download your project, some error with 'terms of use' but it was possible to open Form1.txt

    Maybe you could reduce the complexity of the question by dividing it into a technical part and...
  5. VS 2010 Re: Window2 is not in fullscreen mode even correct resolution is detected

    Why not

    WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized
  6. VS 2010 Re: Window2 is not in fullscreen mode even correct resolution is detected

    Don't understand exactly..
    Is maybe your system resolution set to other than 100% ?

    On my Notebook I have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the system scaling is set to 125 %

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    WPF UserControls Sample in VB.NET

    Had to start writing WPF UserControls because there is no ImageButton and no NumericUpDown in the WPF toolbox. Made many searches, snippet conversion from C# and read the documentation. Maybe it's...
  8. VS 2019 Re: Help please

    Maybe its not clear for all users that ACE can be found as 'Microsoft Access Database Engine'. There are also different version: 2010 and 2016. I earlier used ACE 2010 but since Office 2010 will not...
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    Re: Winform Control in WPF

    Can reproduce the error when adding the reference to 'WindowsFormsIntegration' manually.
    After some testing: It needs at least an additional reference to 'System.Windows.Forms'

    But I normally let...
  10. VB.Net - Scale (Zoom) WPF Elements from WinForms

    With WinForms I came sometimes to the limits of the graphic capabilities. For example. when some text parts need to be larger, or when an application must run on different computers with different...
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    Re: Scale and Layout

    Some time ago I had a similar problem. Didnít found a direct function for it. After some searching on the internet, I found an answer in a formum, but don't have the link anymore.

    The idea is...
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    [RESOLVED] Test UC1

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