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  1. VS 2015 Re: Why does the Arduino delay receiving data from Visual Basic.NET?

    What does the "" do?
    It seems like from the code, perhaps it reads one byte at a time, otherwise it would seem like just getting 'A' by itself might only happen occasionally because you...
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    Re: Picture1.Picture = Picture1.Image problem

    I'm not sure what "exactly the same problem" means.

    The thread pretty much describes the way things work.

    A possible work around was described in post #3, and accepted for the original poster's...
  3. Thread: Excel timer

    by passel

    Re: Excel timer

    Yes that seems odd. Normally for a countdown timer that would be "00:00:01".
    The code you have I would possibly expect might run until midnight, at which time the clock should roll over to...
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    VS 2010 Re: syntax needed

    He is dealing with 2 dimensional arrays, presumably rows(,) would be 9 rows of 9 buttons, and the same for cols and boxes.

    I didn't do all 81 buttons. I did a grid of 3x3 buttons so did three...
  5. Re: Type Text Box In Form1 and Copied It to Form 2, Then Next Run Only Form 2 is App

    Since the startup form isn't shown until after the Form_Load event is exited, I don't know why you couldn't just look for the existence of the save file, and if it exists, read it in and populate the...
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    Re: Project Gets Lost Somewhere

    I assume you do a Rebuild rather than a Build when you move the project from one computer to another.
  7. Re: MY UDP Checksum method. How can I make it better.

    I don't think those two code segments are equal.
    In the first case you loop through packet.Length - 1 if the packet length is even, or you loop through packet.Length - 2 if the length is odd.

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    VS 2010 Re: iterate thru variables by name

    You could, I'm not sure why you would want to.
    A quick example test. I added five buttons to a form and added them to two arrays in different order.
    In the sub I then added the two arrays to an...
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    VS 2010 Re: Bad Record Num Error

    I haven't used the old Random Record Access method with .Net, but the problem is essentially that a structure is not really a fully compatible replacement for the VB6 User Defined Type.

  10. Re: How to read a file byte by byte (i.e. octet by octet) ...

    You are right. I was treating the bits of the byte as being in bigendian order.
    Niya had reversed the bits in his implementation, and I didn't think it was necessary.
    So, I change the code to...
  11. Re: How to read a file byte by byte (i.e. octet by octet) ...

    Per the response below (post #4), the code below was processing the bits in each byte in msb to mlb (most significant bit to least significant bit) order.
    It has now been corrected to be lsb...
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    VS 2019 Re: Optimizing received serial data

    I'm not sure just what you're doing, but I would think that after you sync up with the data, then you should be processing 100% of your input.

    The DataReceived Event handler shouldn't have a loop...
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    Re: How to select shapes

    How are the shapes drawn, especially in the case of the shape not being inside the form?

    Since you haven't provided any code then I guess I'll not answer with code because I can't.
    But in cases...
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    Re: location of the mouse

    You didn't mark the thread as resolved.
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    Re: Form height limit

    Sounds like you don't have Autoredraw set to True on your picturebox.
  16. VS 2019 Re: How to get the first soonest occurrence between a use of a List and Dictionary

    Did you step through the code?
    The code doesn't make any sense.
    I don't see how it could possibly be putting out 100. I would expect it to put out 0.

    Your dictionary contains the Keys 100, 200,...
  17. VS 2019 Re: Issue managing multi same forms with backgroudWorker

    In the first case you use Me.Invoke, which will Invoke the GUI thread to do something, so that keeps the GUI thread busy doing things from the background worker, so you're tying both threads...
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    Re: Need help with Visual C++

    If you want something along the lines of the learning curve of VB6, and with relatively simple GUI implementation, then I would think you would pick C# over C++. And if you wanted a syntax closer to...
  19. Re: autofit image in multi picturebox and then clicked pop up full size image in VB.N

    Seems simple enough.
    If you set the picturebox's Sizemode to Zoom the image will be scaled to fit proportionally within the picturebox, so that can give you your samesized thumbnail type images....
  20. VS 2019 Re: Bit shifting properly from 1 array of values to another array of values kinda har

    Which is why I think it would be a much better use of time for the OP to learn the great debugging capability of the IDE and step through his code and watch the values change since he apparently...
  21. VS 2019 Re: Bit shifting properly from 1 array of values to another array of values kinda har

    When you step through the code in the debugger, at what point does the expected result from a statement not match the result you get?
    Once you find that point, determine why the code didn't do what...
  22. Re: [RESOLVED] Why is my PictureBox image not found ?

    On this computer I didn't have Option Strict turned On by default, so it slipped through.
    An oversight on my part.
    I'm changing that setting now.

    Also, Poppa I was going to mention...
  23. Re: [RESOLVED] Why is my PictureBox image not found ?

    Yes, you would have an array or list, but you would put a reference to the control in the array, not the index. The index is used to index into that array to get the object, i.e. the picturebox...
  24. Re: [RESOLVED] Why is my PictureBox image not found ?

    Technically, Paul was suggesting that perhaps your first picturebox wasn't contained in your panel, so wouldn't have been found in your loop.
    In your case, you probably had two pictureboxes with the...
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    Re: Create database programmatically

    Bottom line, you didn't provide a link to the youtube demo.
    I would guess you copied it wrong, but can't verify that.

    Ok, I did a search and probably found the tutorial you were looking at....
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    Re: MsgBox 256 * 256

    Yes, that is essentially equivalent to
    MsgBox (256.0 * 256.0)
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    Re: Create database programmatically

    Why do you have another "Private Sub Button1_Click ..." after the Form's class?
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    Re: Copy Control(s) to another form

    I've not only copied controls from one form to another, I've copied them from one instance of the VB6 IDE to another Instance of the VB6 IDE, i.e. between two different projects. It sure seems odd...
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    Re: Windows 11 is available to some now

    Probably should be translated as "robbing a church", not "stealing a church", I think.
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    Re: Windows 11 is available to some now

    The TPM chip isn't all that new. You mentioned you have a laptop that is a couple of years old and I would expect that it already has the chip onboard. I checked a four year old and five year old...
  31. Re: VB6 QUESTION: Providing Documentation for your Utility.

    So, you moved your mouse over the form, and paused to see if the tooltip appeared?
    It worked fine for me, unmodified from Elroy's post.
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    Re: Highlight Text on TextBox Enter

    So that "Handles txtNoBars.Enter, txtMultiplier.Enter, txtCenters.Enter".
    Is it those textboxes that aren't working, or another one that should be added to the Handles clause?
  33. Re: "The call stack contains only external code" error

    From what I can make out it says...
    "Argument exception was unhandled"
    "Parameter is not valid"

    Troubleshooting tips
    "See general tips for this exception"

    Without knowing which line causes...
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    Re: Maximum y Achse Chart WPF als Variable

    English Speaking forum. Please translate your posts to English.

    Hello, everyone,

    In the coding I have defined a variable as Public, to which I assign a value - myMax.
    In the WPF...
  35. Re: What are the Major & Minor values of Windows 11

    Its not Windows 11 yet, it is a candidate for Windows 11, i.e. Beta version. Once it is fully baked, it will probably be 11.
    On the other hand, Microsoft did say they were staying with Windows 10...
  36. Re: Cairo based Image Rotation, it's all a M-e-S-s. [L-Plate Learner Edition]

    Its an old question from xiaoyao and has been answered multiple times.
    Unfortunately he apparently doesn't understand any of the answers.

    Essentially, he wants the smallest square that will...
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    Re: Moving PictureBox with Timer

    Ok, I didn't look at your code, just jmc's.

    In your code, you're using two timers.
    You use the second timer to move the picturebox up, but which timer do you stop when you've reached the top?
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    Re: Moving PictureBox with Timer

    So, fix it.

    If PictureBox1.Top <= 0 Then

    Save the original position and check for that instead of 0 in the above line.
    Or calculate the center position you mentioned and use that instead of...
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    VS 2019 Re: ARRAY summing issue

    Exactly. Is is really a surprise that with fuel costing $12 a gallon in Norway that Electric cars made up over 70 percent of the new vehicles sold in Norway this year.
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    Re: Overlapping Calculation

    It it were me, I would just set a clipping region, and then draw all the lines and let GDI+ take care of drawing the portion of the lines that fall in the rectangle.

    An example program that uses...
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