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    Re: Testing Tools

    Test management tool
    Bug tracking tool
    Automated testing tool
    Performance testing tool
    Cross-browser testing tool
    Integration testing tool
    Unit testing tool
    Mobile/android testing tool
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    Re: remove HTML5 video player menu button

    In video tag add an attribute with no action and all the controls will be removed.
  3. Re: How can I eliminate the extra space after a tag?

    Check if there is &nbsp; code in your HTML or code like <br>.
  4. Re: How do I protect an image in a new Window from being downloaded?

    Just add your brand logo on that. If someone will download that he or she will get your logo too.
  5. Re: Coding for webpages for when screen size changes?

    According to me try to add few CSS codes and than check what changes are made and how are they working.
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