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  1. VS 2019 Re: Reloading DatagridView automatically when new record is inserted in relative sql

    If you are able to save to database and bind to the GridView that means you have it. You just need to refresh the GridView anytime new record is inserted to database.
    A good example you can find...
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    Re: Impossible problem VB.Net - Please help

    I think you should be more elaborative. If am not mistaking, you said you are trying to search a database then why are you iterating through DGV content?
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    Re: Message box in ASP.NET

    MessageBox.Show can only work when you have not deploy the app. Once deployed, everything run at server.
    The alternative is to script manager....
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    Re: Connection string in web.config file

    Yes, you need to encrypt your connection strings inside your web.config else your site will be at risk if anyone with bad intention have access to it.
    If am not mistaking, this can be done either...
  5. Re: How do I protect an image in a new Window from being downloaded?

    This can be done setting contextmenu to false.
    But trust me, is of no use cos someone can just hit ctrl+s and still save the image to a folder. So is a wasted effort!!!
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    Re: Images on webpage not loading corredctly?

    I will suggest you attached a file showing the result you are expecting just as you attached the unexpected result. Only then can someone know how to play around it.
  7. Re: Setting a Session variable and retrieving it using Javascript

    Yes it is possible. You can either use document.cookie, window.localStorage or window.sessionStorage.
    But window.localStorage and sessionStorage are only supported in modern Browsers.
    So, you...
  8. Re: ExecuteScalar: CommandText property has not been initialized

    You may consider changing the table name from ORDER to tblorder cos ORDER is a reserve word as said by si_the_geek
  9. Re: Multiple Spaces using Split String Method

    First, you don't know if the user might include more than single space. So you have replace all multiple spaces with single space.

    Sub GetStr(str As String)
    Dim res As String
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