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    Re: .NET 5 vs Framework question

    On a side note, forget .NET Core 5, it's a stepping stone to .NET Core 6 which is long term support.

    In my workplace .NET Core 5 is only used for me teaching mainframe developers Razor pages (long...
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    Re: .NET 5 vs Framework question

    That is odd, seems like if there is a reference for FW 4.8 it should work although I've only used 6.0 and that was a one-off solution.

    Is the Core project compiled for Prefer 32-bit ? And was this...
  3. Re: Tools or methods for "converting C# code into VB.Net code"

    Tangible Software converters has various options that allow control of conversions under the option menu or gear button in it's toolbar.
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    BindingNavigator for .NET Core 5

    To obtain a BindingNavigator add the following component to your project, rebuild and the BindingNavigator appears in Visual Studio ToolBox.

    Working example

    Public Class...
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    VS 2022 Re: Prevent Duplicates in Array

    True, I was not going there, figured my reply was to inject an alternate idea and leave the rest to the OP.
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    VS 2022 Re: Prevent Duplicates in Array

    You could use a HashSet, add values than use ToArray on the HashSet. In the example below is a proof of concept, you can add in the random values while written as shown below you know what the input...
  7. VS 2015 Re: parse value from datagrid to button name

    Consider each time a new button is created add it to a private List(Of Button), then to remove the last button, get it by index, pass it to Controls.Remove then remove it from the list via Remove....
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    Re: Deserialising a JSON array

    Wrote the following in C#, converted to VB.NET

    Option Infer On

    Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
    Imports System.Diagnostics
    Imports System.IO
    Imports Newtonsoft.Json
  9. Thread: Gmail

    by kareninstructor

    Re: Gmail

    It's not a VB or even C# issue, it's Google's security changes.
  10. Thread: Gmail

    by kareninstructor

    Re: Gmail

    If you are sure all settings are correct than go to your Google account, Less secure app access and turn it on. If this works it's a fix that will only be available to the end of this month, after...
  11. Re: Regex VS MailAddress Function To Verify Proper Email Syntax?

    Another option is data annotations

    Public Class Annotations
    Public Shared Function ValidEmail(ByVal emailAddress As String) As Boolean
    Return (New...
  12. Re: increment string alphanumeric/numeric

    See if this works for you.

    Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions

    Module Program
    Sub Main(args As String())
    Console.WriteLine($" F1124 {NextValue("F1124")}")
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    VS 2010 Re: putting text to progressbar

    If you don't mind adding a C# class project to your Visual Studio solution, check out the following C# class project. Once added to your solution, reference the project in your project, add the...
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    Re: System.Diagnostics.Process()

    If working with .NET Core try adapting to the following simple example. I write this in C# then converted it as no time to write it in VB.

    Option Infer On

    Imports System
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    Re: What is the item CodeFile.cs ?

    If you look at a code file when adding a new file it tells you. In short has zero code in it.
  16. Re: Recompile Multiple Solutions

    I have never had a reason to try this but thought it was intriguing how to perform both debug and release builds. My first thought was, MS Build.

    With that mentioned and untested the following...
  17. Re: Connecting Visual Studio To SQL Server

    Best practices

    Place database operations in a separate class

    For SELECT statement, never use *, always specify only the columns needed.

    In the following example, User class represents a...
  18. Re: How to Shift Last Line of Text file to the previous Line ? Considering with .....

    Going up or down should be easy, here is going up

    Dim lines As List(Of String) = File.ReadAllLines("TextFile1.txt").Where(Function(data) Not String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(data)).ToList()
  19. Re: Search by specific date from MS Access database

    I'd recommend placing all data operations outside of forms, in a class such as shown below. Also, discard the idea of a single connection for all operations, instead create each connection per...
  20. Re: Visual Studio Community 2022 - How to automatically insert braces on a new line?

    No, you need to start off with if

    see the definition

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <CodeSnippets xmlns="">...
  21. VS 2022 Re: Newbie of VS Community 2022 and NuGet

    Recommend reading How NuGet resolves package dependencies which explains the additional files.
  22. Re: Visual Studio Community 2022 - How to automatically insert braces on a new line?

    Didn't watch the video.

    Generally speaking for an if, for, while etc type in say if (for an if statement) then press tab twice to add Bob Hope brackets {} rather than pressing enter.
  23. Visual Studio: Add project references for .NET Core

    Microsoft documentation for adding a project reference in the same Visual Studio solution is to right click on the project in Solution Explorer, select Add, References, Add project reference.
  24. Re: How to create a blank class object that can accept variant data structures

    Not possible with conventional coding.
  25. Re: [RESOLVED] Give myself permission to access a sql database I created through a vb

    One when is self-taught many times the person does not perform deep dives into what they are attempting to achieve thus can cause undue wait time for others to reply and then take time to understand...
  26. VS 2019 Re: MSB4181 "task" returned false but did not log an error

    If appropriate, looks like you are targeting .NET Framework 3.5 but trying to use .NET Core 6
  27. Re: Give myself permission to access a sql database I created through a progra

    Your code is difficult read not being in a code block so my question - is the connection for creating the table for the database? It appears the connection is pointing to master, not the newly...
  28. Learn how to find files in folders and sub-folders


    The following requires .NET Core 5, a willingness to work with delegates/events, working with classes and asynchronous programming.

    At one point in all developer’s career there is a...
  29. VS 2019 Re: MSB4181 "task" returned false but did not log an error

    See MSB4181: The 'task' task returned false but did not log an error
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    Re: Ultra Basic Question

    First off, I realize this is rather late.

    Cheap way to get a proper connection string, create a throw-a-way project, add a new data source which walks you through the process which when done...
  31. Re: Use default windows icons on a form?

    If using .NET Core 5 or higher consider using TaskDialogPage/TaskDialog which allows you to pass in an Icon. So rather than getting a system Icon, make your own.

    See the following GitHub...
  32. Re: how to learn C# for the first time

    My recommendation is to subscribe to Pluralsight which is a paid for site.

    There are 360 courses on C# which branch into two paths. Before starting any courses there is an optional assessment test...
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    Re: dotnet tools

    Definition of dotnet tools "A .NET tool is a special NuGet package that contains a console application."

    Some predefined commands which run via a PowerShell window or command prompt

    dotnet new...
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    dotnet tools

    I'd like to know if developers here have learned how to write dotnet tools or have used available tools from NuGet (see list) were the majority focus on a handful of topics.

    Reason for asking, I'm...
  35. Re: |DataDirectory| and BindDebug Blues

    You can place the code where ever makes sense, like Shown event. In regards to make things worst, this is why it's important to use version control such as GitHub, learn about stashes, branches,...
  36. Re: |DataDirectory| and BindDebug Blues

    Can you see what this returns?


    Because of how its done internally.
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    TaskDialog alternate to MessageBox

    Ever need to display a message box for “Do not show again”, “auto-close”, “Open links”, specify how many buttons on a dialog along with the text? These are just a few example found in the following...
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    VS 2019 Re: Cancellation of task

    See my GitHub repository for various code samples.
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    VS 2019 Re: Cancellation of task

    Make sure you don't have a check on Common Language runtime exceptions under Exception settings in Visual Studio.

    See the following example for a basic example that will not break on a...
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    Re: Learning Visual Basic Net

    Although VB.NET is a language that can accomplish many task into today’s world if you are going to have a future coding C# is the language to select from the Visual Studio ecosystem as there is a...
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