Hey everyone,
I'm using a shell call to execute an external application and then I get the output using a few API calls: CreatePipe, GetCurrentProcess, DuplicateHandle, and CloseHandle. This is so I can snag the output of the external app and determine if there's any errors or to proceed with the program.

That all works fine and dandy and I have no issues with that.

The issue that I am having is when I close of out my app, the app hangs until I stop the app in the IDE (and if I compile, I have to kill the process).

I have this exact same code working in another version of the software (I'm updating a ton of stuff, that's not a part of this code) and it works fine (i.e., closes the process if running from a compiled .exe, and stops appropriately when in the IDE).

Any ideas on what would cause this? This only happens when the external program is called, otherwise it'll close as normal.