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Thread: Why the forum pictures are compressed automatically?

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    Why the forum pictures are compressed automatically?

    Why is this forum picture compressed automatically?
    The total capacity of attachments uploaded at the same time is also pitiful
    only 10MB Size.
    in china ,we have 2TB SIZE net disk,only down limit 20kb,The programming forum basically does not limit the total capacity of each attachment, only the size of a single file

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    Re: Why the forum pictures are compressed automatically?


    I wouldn't think that having to pay for something is completely foreign to you, but who knows.

    More Storage, more bandwidth, more expense.

    You can use this forum for free, because someone else is paying for it. The primary purpose of the forum, for the owners, is to generate income. You have to have sufficient advertising on the site to cover the expense of running the site and still make money.

    Any number of sites have disappeared because they didn't have enough user traffic to generate enough money from avertising to cover the cost, so the loss has to come out of the pocket of the owners. Not many owners have the desire to pay to maintain a site strictly for the benefit of the users of the site.

    Less storage, less bandwidth, means less expense, and the likelyhood that the site may be able to carry on for years to come.
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