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Thread: [RESOLVED] convertion to string

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] convertion to string

    anyone spare a function to convert somthing like this to a string
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    Re: convertion to string

    Dim n as Long, v as Variant, sResult As String
    v = Array( &H17, &H19, &H6E, &H6E, &H65, &H72, &H20, &H77, &H61, &H73, &H20, &H61, &H20, &H62, &H69, &H67, _
          &H20, &H66, &H61, &H74, &H20, &H68, &H6F, &H72, &H73, &H65, &H2C, &H20, &H61, &H20, &H62, &H69, _
          &H67, &H20, &H66, &H61, &H74, &H20, &H68, &H6F, &H72, &H73, &H65, &H20, &H77, &H61, &H73, &H20)
    For n = 0 To UBound(v)
    .. build/concatenate sResult  for each v(n) -- can't do it all for you, gotta let you have a bit of fun ;)
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    Re: convertion to string

    you could try like

    For i = 0 To UBound(a)
        s = s & "&H" & Hex(a(i)) & ","
    where a is the array as above and s is the string returned, change to suit format and delimiter
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    dim all variables as required as often i have done so elsewhere in my code but only posted the relevant part

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