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Thread: Access vs. SQLite vs. MySQL...??

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    Access vs. SQLite vs. MySQL...??

    Where can I find the comparisons, recommendations, “pros/cons”, etc. for database providers to use w/VB.Net applications?

    What is the “best practice” for such an implementation (single user)?

    For example, it looks like SQLite has a small “footprint”, easy to migrate to another PC, and web-based configuration tools whereas MySQL requires a server. Access has very good reporting tools.

    I have a fair bit of experience w/MS Access but would like to explore alternatives...
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    Re: Access vs. SQLite vs. MySQL...??

    If you're using VB.NET then there's reporting built in via SQL Server Reporting Services, even if you're not using SQL Server. You can create a client report as part of your project and then display it in a ReportViewer control. As such, Access reporting tools become somewhat irrelevant.

    Generally speaking, you wouldn't use MySQL for a single-user system. It is free but it requires installation and maintenance and is probably heavier than is required for such scenarios. For a multi-user system and a database installed on a server, MySQL becomes much more attractive, especially if you're using it for other applications.

    SQL Server is also well worth looking at. For big systems, you will have to pay for a license, which is an issue for some. For single-user systems though, you can install the free SQL Server Express on the local machine and deploy an MDF data file with your application and have it attached on demand. SQL Server Express can also be installed on a server and supports databases up to 10 GB, so you can still support quite large applications for free.

    For file-based databases, Access has its pros, especially for Office users, but Microsoft themselves recommend SQLite and the SQLite ADO.NET provider is actually under the System namespace, so considered core to the Framework. Microsoft used to offer SQL Server CE as a file-based option but I think that they decided that it wasn't worth the effort of trying to compete with SQLite so they just embraced it.

    There may be various comparisons around but none are "official".

    If it was me, I would be choosing between SQL Server Express and SQLite for a single-user system.

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    Re: Access vs. SQLite vs. MySQL...??

    SQLite vs MySql

    =>When to Use SQLite
    Developing small standalone apps
    Smaller projects which do not require much scalability
    When you have a requirement to read and write directly from the disk
    Basic development and testing

    =>When to Use MySQL
    Multiple user access to apps
    When users require strong security and authentication features
    With distributed systems
    With apps requiring a larger database
    With projects which require more scalability
    Web-based applications
    When developing customized solutions

    =>When to Use Access
    It is an easy-to-use tool for creating business applications, from templates or from scratch. With its rich and intuitive design tools, it can help you create appealing and highly functional applications in a minimal amount of time.

    for more information follow this link

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