I have been successfully doing support for my VB6 Solution, for my largest customer, for the past 12-18 months.

By chance, we found an issue where running the code from the IDE closes the modal form much faster (2 seconds vs. 14 seconds), than running the compiled version of that same code using the same data and same machine.

Have any of you run into a problem like this? If so, did you solve the issue and how?

The pseudo code goes something like:

Form 1 is loaded as a Modal form.

The user makes edits to the data.

User presses the Update button.

Update routine updates all of the relevant files.

A MsgBox gives the user the option to print or skip printing the GL transaction report.

Update Routine calls Report #1 MODALLY to display the General Ledger consequences of the updating.

Report is created and displayed using DataDynamics ActiveReports Viewer 2.0

Viewer displays, allows printing of the report.

The user clicks the Done button on the Viewer and closes it.

Code execution returns to and continues from Form1. THIS IS WHERE THE DELAY OCCURS.

After the 14 second delay, a MsgBox gives the user the option to print or skip printing the Physical Inventory Update report.

And life goes on. BTW: the 12 second delay does make a difference to my customer.