Hello all,

Iím using VBA Regex for the first time. It works pretty good. Except for a few things. Iíd like to create a search pattern that can detect all Unicode characters and Unicode numbers. According to this link, and my experience; https://www.regular-expressions.info/vbscript.html, VBA does not support the \p syntax. So any use of \p{N} or \p{L} does nothing. If I need to I can look into other methods/libraries for finding Unicode characters and numbers. However Iíd like to use regex of possible.

I guess I could try and match Unicode characters like so \uFFFF. As is mentioned in the link I posted. Maybe by using the Unicode Character Database I can set all of the character codes in a large string between brackets as my search pattern. I havenít tested this method yet, as itís a last resort. Iím curious if there is a better way.

Is there a way around this?