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Thread: System.Runtime.Caching for a Datatable in a WinForms App

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    Question System.Runtime.Caching for a Datatable in a WinForms App

    I have a winforms application that has an sql backend. I have a dataset for the database in my project and use table adapters. My database has a roster table that is only updated once a week, so it rarely changes. It has a lot of records in it. Each form i use that datatable, i need to do the .fill to get the data. This is slowing down my application and takes awhile to load. Want I want to do is have a class or something where when I open a form that requires the roster data to check a cache, if it exists, then use it, otherwise load it. I have been searching for the right solution for days, and I just cant figure out caching in winforms. I am by no means an expert on programming. I use VB.net.

    I have found a few ideas, but do not know how to implement any of them. I know there is the ASP.NET caching method, static method, and system.runtime.caching method.

    Can anyone help me put together a solution. Assume I am dumb, because I am. I just make my application work by any means necessary. I dont know what statics are, etc.

    Basically I want to load my roster table into cache when it is called the first time, and then be used throughout the application from cache as needed. I want to do the same for lookuptables (that have a lot of records). When the application closes, the cache should be cleared.

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    Re: System.Runtime.Caching for a Datatable in a WinForms App

    I just did this: will it work?
    Imports System
    Imports System.Threading
    Imports System.Runtime.Caching
    Imports System.Windows.Forms
    Public Class TaRRCache
        Public Shared Function getrstr() As TaRRDataSet.TSTAFFRSTRDataTable
            Dim cache As ObjectCache = MemoryCache.[Default]
            If cache.Contains("rstr") Then
                Return CType(cache.Get("rstr"), TaRRDataSet.TSTAFFRSTRDataTable)
                Dim _rstr As TaRRDataSet.TSTAFFRSTRDataTable
                Using ta As New TaRRDataSetTableAdapters.TSTAFFRSTRTableAdapter
                    _rstr = ta.GetData
                End Using
                Dim cip As CacheItemPolicy = New CacheItemPolicy
                cip.AbsoluteExpiration = DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(1)
                cache.Add("rstr", _rstr, cip)
                Return _rstr
            End If
        End Function
    End Class
    I can just call getrstr from anywhere in my app and it should return the data, correct?

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