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Thread: [RESOLVED] VBA CountIFs - What am I doing wrong

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] VBA CountIFs - What am I doing wrong

    I have a range of cells named rngSet that can contain numbers from 1 to 79. I want to see if the count of the numbers between 1 and 9 is greater than 2 so I did this.

    If Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIfs(rngSet, ">=1" And "<=9") > 2 Then...
    but in a rngSet that I know has more than two occurrences of 3, the result of that CountIfs is 0. Why?

    I tried using rngSet.cells but that didn't help.

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    Re: VBA CountIFs - What am I doing wrong

    Could you post a sample-workbook?

    EDIT: Think i found it (at least directly inside the Sheet)

    You still can only use 1 criteria per Range, but you just provide the same Range again for the second criteria. COUNTIFS uses internally the "And" between criteria

    Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIfs(Me.Range("rngSet"), ">=1", Me.Range("rngSet"), "<=9") works correctly from VBA-code

    Replace "Me" with a qualified Sheetname if the function is outside of the worksheet
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    Re: VBA CountIFs - What am I doing wrong

    looks like you need to try like
    If Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIfs(rngSet, ">=1", rngsest, "<=9") > 2 Then...
    i do my best to test code works before i post it, but sometimes am unable to do so for some reason, and usually say so if this is the case.
    Note code snippets posted are just that and do not include error handling that is required in real world applications, but avoid On Error Resume Next

    dim all variables as required as often i have done so elsewhere in my code but only posted the relevant part

    come back and mark your original post as resolved if your problem is fixed

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