I experiment with creating programs with Visual Studio 2012 Express.

I want to create executable's that will run on other computers. Originally I thought that because
I could take the executable from the Release folder and place it in the folder I want to run it from
(another issue) and run it without any problems that everything is OK. Then, I got another computer
and transferred Visual Studio 2012 Express to it.

I quickly learned that the programs I left on the first computer (this one) wouldn't even start
without VS2012 installed.

I guess I should also explain that I created my programs with some data files.
Currently I have the files that I need to read AND write to in a folder in MY DOCUMENTS\MY SOFTWARE then in a separate folder for each program.
The files that I ONLY need to read from are in PROGRAM FILES\MY SOFTWARE. and again an
individual folder for the program.

Just now, I used the PUBLISH wizard to publish one of the programs I created.
I noticed that you DON"T get a chance to tell the publish wizard where you want the finished
program to be placed. You don't even get a chance to include files you create necessary for it to run,
then where to put them.

I also want to know how best to build my programs: 32 bit, 64 bit, or any cpu?