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Thread: Learning MSBuild?

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    Learning MSBuild?

    I was wondering if somebody tried this course on pluralsight: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/...c&utm_content=

    Or I should just buy a book and read it on the topic?
    Or maybe do some tutorials about MSBuild? But do they cover anything I might need when using MSBuild?

    I don't favor IT courses, since you might pay money and don't get anything useful or you might already know significant part of the course.
    The course might be "Hello World", adapted for non programmers, which is not I am after
    I don't need a course which is teaching me what is C# function and how to call it, ***

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    Re: Learning MSBuild?

    I haven't done that course, but I have done several PluralSight courses and they were all good.

    The one you linked to has this info:
    Introduction to MSBuild
    By David Starr
    All about MSBuild, the underlying technology used to build your software

    This course starts with the essentials needed to use MSBuild and explores using MSBuild in build automation scenarios.
    ...plus a list of the things that will be taught (split into groups), along with the time for each of them.

    The total duration is 2h 19m, so not long (I think I've done ones there at 12 hours plus), but the teacher looks like a good one.

    The important thing is what are you looking to actually learn about MSBuild, and does it seem to be covered by the sections listed in the course?

    If you are just after an introduction then it is probably a good choice.

    They have several other MSBuild related courses, but aimed at specific areas (such as Continuous Integration) so you should only do those if you have a specific interest in the topic.

    PluralSight do a free trial, so you could do the course (and a few others) without paying.

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