So long story short, I'm using an excel (passed down from someone else) to collect testing data from something hooked up to an arduino. But when I run it on my laptop, I get a "VBA Project 438 object doesn't support this property or method" error.
Here's the code, which has the error on line "Public mySerial As...."

Option Explicit

Private nTimer As Date
Private outputCount As Integer

Public mySerial As ArduinoExcel.ArduinoExcel
Public product As String
Public version As String

'Arduino Excel launch
'activated pressing [CTRL][a]
Sub CommanderRun()

    product = "ArduinoExcel"
    version = "2.1"
    'the program control jumps to the form
    'error 438 here should mean "unregistred dll"

End Sub

Public Sub RunInterrupt()

Dim str As String
Dim ret As Integer

    nTimer = DateAdd("s", 1, Now())
    Application.OnTime nTimer, "RunInterrupt"

    'add code here
End Sub

Public Sub StopInterrupt()
    Application.OnTime nTimer, "RunInterrupt", , False

End Sub
I have no idea what to change ArduinoExcel.ArduinoExcel to for this to work. I've only learned code in C++ and MATLab =/
I appreciate any help!