Before you start the Project, please ensure two things on your dev-machine:
- a registered vbRichClient5 (to make use of its SQLite-COM-wrapper)
- a registering of Krools VbFlexGrid in a version >= 1.3 (link below)

The Demo shows (since it came up in a recent thread), how to:
- dynamically create two SQLite-tables in a Parent/Child relationship
- how to configure the ForeignKey-Field of the Child-Table for "cascaded deletes"

It also shows a (completely ADO-free) virtual DataBinding of SQLite-Rs to Krools VBFlexGrid,
via an implementation of the Grids IVBFlexDataSource-interface (implemented in a little Class, named cFlexDataSource).

The Demo has "full CRUD-support" (Inserts, Updates, Deletes) for both DB-Tables -
all handled completely in the Grid-Controls (which allow InCell-Editing).

Here a ScreenShot:

Demo-Source (including extensive comments, which are a recommended read for beginners):

Have fun,