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Thread: Search on Windows 8.1

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    Search on Windows 8.1

    I can't find the Search feature on 8.1 (like the one I have on XP for folder/file search). I want to see if my PC with Windows 8.1 has the SAPI 5.4 SDK for one thing among others

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    Re: Search on Windows 8.1

    How To Use Windows 8 Desktop Search

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    Re: Search on Windows 8.1

    Search was radically reworked for NT 6.x (Longhorn) released back in 2006 (Vista). Expect the API to have many differences.

    Windows 10 1909 has made additional changes, but mainly to Explorer's Search UI so there was no new Windows SDK for 1909, just use the 1903 SDK.

    Not completely up to date but see: History of Windows Search

    Windows 8.x is a bit of an orphan, a sort of latter-day Windows Me. You won't find a whole lot about it specifically at this late date.

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