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Thread: [RESOLVED] 300 tabs and IP block??

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] 300 tabs and IP block??

    So I was away from my computer with VBForums open, and I come back and there's 300 tabs open like something went haywire opening every link in a new tab randomly. It was really weird. And it looks like I might have triggered some protection against crawlers or something (no posts were made) because now trying to load any page from my home IP gives me a "Something went wrong!" page. Definitely by IP because I'm on my phone now and get the message on this too, but only when accessed on WiFi... switched to cell data and no issues.

    So anyway, if it was something on my end I'm sorry, it stopped, please unblock my IP
    72.68.108.x (don't want to publicly post full thing but if you need it PM me).

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