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Thread: MVC - field validation

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    MVC - field validation

    I have a question: in the MVC pattern, should fields validation be done in View classes or Model classes? Why one and not the other?

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    Re: MVC - field validation

    Generally you want to use Model validation, as the thing you trying to validate is your data which is held in your model.

    The main reason for having validation in your model is you can specify the model validation rules here and through model binding in your web pages you can return validation messages instantly to the user on the page if the model is invalid, and your not having to hit your ViewModel each time, if your model is invalid then the page wont submit or save.

    This nicely separates your validation from your actual actions.
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    Re: MVC - field validation

    There may be some validation that must be done server-side due to complexity of data requirements but, generally, you should aim to do the validation client-side via attributes decorating the properties of your model, e.g. a Required attribute on non-nullable data.

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