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Thread: Future Career Path

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    Future Career Path

    So long story short i trained in VB6 back in 99/00 but my career to date has taken me along the line of a contracts manager and draughtsman in the architectural field for the last 17 years. I've always had a passion for programming and 3 years ago the chap that used to develop our in house quoting, reporting and invoicing system retired. As it was mainly written in VB6 (also uses SQL, HTML plus other various script languages) i took on the challenge to continue the development and debugging of the system. The program has reached a stage now where it really requires updating to a modern language and switching over to SQL server (currently uses the largest Access database i've ever seen) but as this is a add on to my main job within the company it's going to beyond what i have time to do so will likely be outsourced at some point.

    This has re-kindled that passion for programming and am actually considering a career change to a software developer. I appreciate VB6 is a dead language, i've had some exposure to Java, C#, C++, HTML, CSS & VB.NET. I was wondering what language as a professional you'd guys would recommend really concentrating on as a base language. I appreciate knowing the basics of each is certainly handy. I'm kind of thinking Java as i appreciate it's widely used within industry but i'm also thinking of Python but i've had no exposure to it so would require starting another language from scratch. I appreciate i am not going to go out tomorrow and get a software developers job but I want to be concentrating on training on a language thats going to help me in the sector of database development or possibly website design.

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    Re: Future Career Path

    Given your exposure, I'd probbly recommend going with ASP .NET using .NET Core which is C# based, learning about MVC and using that for the middle/backend with a SQL database. For the front end, use something like React/Redux, or Vue all of which are javascipt/HTML/template based.

    If you want to go the Java route, Spring-boot would be a good way to go. My experience with Python is limited to interacting with a service someone else built, so I won't weigh in on it either way.

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    Re: Future Career Path

    Yeah while it can sometime seem that you need to learn the absolute latest tech many languages that have been around for a while have been updating themselves for new platforms, and so continuing with something you know can give you a head start and mean you only have to learn new design patterns and not a whole new language as well.

    So basically i am agreeing with Techgnome look at Java & look at C# (specifically ASP .NET using .NET Core and MVC which is the latest web stuff for C# and/or Xamarin which is C# for mobile).

    It may be a good idea to see what the jobs are like in your area for those technologies which may sway your decision.
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    Re: Future Career Path

    I want to be concentrating on training on a language thats going to help me in the sector of database development or possibly website design
    You previously mention c++. As a c++ guy, I wouldn't recommend c++ for what you want to be involved with.
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