This may be worth making a sticky or putting in FAQ on Databases.

I recently had a corrupted AccessDB,
All Sys indexes Invalid (per Access) and nothing showed in Tables or Queries.
While I have JETCOMP.exe, I found this solution worked without a hitch.

NambsulCommented: 2003-05-12
Repair Corrupt Access97 Database -- THIS WORKS

If Jetcomp does not work for you (as in my case) then try the following using Microsoft Excel (I had MS Excel 97)

Carry on like you are about to make a new Query in Excel (Data->Get External Data->Create New Query).
This will bring up the "Choose Data Source" option box, just click on "OK" to bring up the "Create New Data Source" box.
In 1. enter any name, select "Microsoft Access Driver" in 2. and click on 3. connect.

You should now see the "ODBC MS Access Setup" box.
Click the select button and select your corrupt DB, then click the repair button.
Worked like a charm for me.