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Thread: IPv6 Implementation

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    IPv6 Implementation

    I am having trouble finding out the real current status of IPv6 implementation. The information I find is somewhat contradictory. Some studies only look at ISP implementation, with a few countries over 50% implemented, and others only marginal. Other studies only look at operating system implementation, which is fairly well advanced. About half of my own network has IPv6 implemented, but never seriously tested as all indications are that only about 25% of Web servers are available in IPv6 and progressing slowly. Wireless networks (Cell Networks) were designed with IPv6 in mind, so they are close to 100% implemented. None of the studies I found really look at actual consumer use.

    The other interesting thing is that some network operators (eg. Amazon) are buying up huge blocks of IPv4 addresses to operate their server farms on. I assume that it is easier from a software point of view to operate a server farm on IPv4, but that is just a guess. Combined with registrars selling domain names 500 or more at a time (eg. NameSilo), the Internet has become a haven for spammers and malware distributors.

    I would be interested in how many VBForum users actually use IPv6, and where they think it is headed.

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    Re: IPv6 Implementation

    The thundering silence in this thread pretty well sums up my views on IPv6. When I first heard about it, my thought was, "of course"....and since then...mostly crickets.
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