I am doing some experimenting with vb .net and wanted to make a program where people can make a design of different types of objects and images that you can save the file and load it in the player.
Basically trying to make some type of game. I want to make a program where I have drag n drop things you can add to main display/game area. I don't know exactly what I am going for yet but was inspired by digital pinball designs. Programs like "Future Pinball" and "Visual Pinball".. Pinball seems like a big challenge to program a pinball table editor though, so I am trying to make something easier than this.
One of the first things I would like to try to do is a few things..

1: Make a picturebox that can play video and can be resized to anything the designer requires and place it anywhere on the form.
2: To be able to save this file and reload it, and when reloaded, have it load the picturebox where the user has placed it.
3: Same thing for an image..

Will be adding more as it progresses and have more ideas.

Hoping someone can help.