This is my first post in the .NET section.
Usually I am in VB6.

I have a VB6 application (32 bits) that use a 32 bits MS Access DB.

I first wrote an add-in in VB6 to access data from the database, and all was Okay.

Then, I migrated this outlook add-in to VB.NET accessing the 32 bits database.
All is working like a charm with Outlook 32 bits.

But with Outlook 64 bits, it is not working as there is a problem to access the 32 bits DB.

So my question is how could I do to access from a 64 bits process a 32 bits Access DB?

I could write a kind of communication using a 32 bits process (wich will do the call to the DB) called by the 64 bits one, and retrieving the data, but it is not the optimal solution.

And fainally, of course, I don't have any comptuer wich is 100% 64 bits (including office), so I am downloading the VMWare from MS with all already configured to do more tests.

Thanks a lot for your help