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Thread: Menu in VB6 like AdminLTE

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    Menu in VB6 like AdminLTE

    Greetings to all

    How can you implement a menu in VB6 like AdminLTE? Or there is a user control already implemented or maybe an OCX.

    Thank you for your answers

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    Re: Menu in VB6 like AdminLTE

    Thread moved from CodeBank, which is for finished snippets rather than questions.
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    Re: Menu in VB6 like AdminLTE

    Back when Outlook made these the "in thing", saw lots of attempts at creating them. Don't know if any exist in this forum -- search both the CodeBank & UtilityBank for keyword: "Sidebar"

    PlanetSouceCode probably has some attempts; though that isn't an endorsement.

    P.S. Usercontrol and OCX are the same thing. Welcome to the forums
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    Re: Menu in VB6 like AdminLTE

    It's not the same thing, but some use a ListView or a TreeView.

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    Re: Menu in VB6 like AdminLTE

    I've recently posted a very lightweight Control into the codebank,
    which should be adaptable with relative ease for that scenario:

    These "vertical Tab-Entries" are completely ownerdrawn, so one can render anything
    on those rectangular "Tab- or MenuItem-areas" - including different "indentations", to make
    e.g. specially flagged record-entries in an ADO-Rs act more like "Sub-Menu-Items"...
    (the DataSource for this is sitting outside the control, so a "filterable ADO-Rs" would
    be a nice Container for "tree-like Menu-Descriptions".



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    Re: Menu in VB6 like AdminLTE

    Coming in a little late here, but I could probably create this pretty easily in 10Tec's iGrid in about an hour or so, with very little 'custom draw' code, if any. I'm wanting to do something similar in my own commercial apps since I already use iGrid pretty heavily, but just haven't gotten there yet. iGrid has a tree grid feature built-in that allows you to have multiple columns and has no flickering refresh issues. They don't have an example of this on their website right now for what you're wanting, but I assure you, that screenshot isn't hard to do in iGrid. Feel free to PM me if you think I can help.

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