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Thread: Looking for Developer Friendly File Manager

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    Looking for Developer Friendly File Manager

    I would like to see if there is a File Manager out there where I could bookmark like 5 folders, and show them in 5 separate dockable windows(or at least 2). Imagine the left pane in Windows Explorer only has a list of 5 favorite folders, once you click on them a list of files shows up. For example, someone making games might have assets elsewhere, like images in one folder, audio in another, PDF/API Docs in another, and lastly, source code folder. I could put some of these in subfolders under the project folder, especially the one I use in that project, but I don't want to copy everything.

    Currently, if I restart, or switch between projects, I run a batch file on my desktop that opens multiple Windows Explorer windows. Example:

    %windir%\explorer.exe /e /root,"C:\Downloads\Graphics\Photos"
    %windir%\explorer.exe /e /root,"C:\Downloads\Audio\Clips"
    %windir%\explorer.exe /e /root,"C:\VB\Graphics\MyGame"

    This sped up my coming back to work on a project, so I just get to it.

    Wikipedia has a list of file managers in this article, but I haven't tried them yet(I try not install new software unless absolutely necessary, especially closed source, to reduce the chance of infections). I prefer open source, but I could use paid ones. I know I could make something up in "few minutes", but I prefer a ready solution. So which File Manager do you prefer?

    Edit: A bonus: There should be a dropdown Combo(Or tabs) to select a project, and when clicked, it shows the list of bookmarks(folders) for that project. The dropdown combo could have Game1/DBApp1/Utility1, etc. to switch the list of folder relevant to that project. 2 folder panes are fine, but more are better.
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    Re: Looking for Developer Friendly File Manager

    I've used Directory Opus since 2002.
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