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Thread: scheduling a sending email

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    scheduling a sending email

    Based the checked item in listview i need to send an automated email based the date in column DATA...


    my first idea is to create a batch in txt file based item in listview, and send process in scheduling of Windows...or using directlly Outlook

    naturally other way are welcome!
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    Re: scheduling a sending email

    If you have a routine that sends emails from within VB6 (I do, and I use GMAIL SMTP), simply have your PROGRAM schedule/send the email(s) on the date(s) in your listview.

    I send out 'reminders' to myself for birthdays, anniversaries, etc (for church and family)...I have my program check the DOB's/Anniversaries and then a certain number of days prior to those dates, my programs sends ME the reminder email. You should be able to do the same thing---have your program send the emails on those listed dates as applicable.


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    Re: scheduling a sending email

    I would use the Date or Now functions in a Timer. If you use Thunderbird, then you could install Send Later Add-on to send messages at specific time and date. I use it all the time to send email to customers in their time zones.

    Edit: If you are accustom to Outlook, you may want to add "Lightning" Add-on as well, which adds Calendar and Reminders features.
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    Re: scheduling a sending email

    if you are sending emails using outlook you can use DeferredDeliveryTime for the message to schedule when it is sent
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